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Event Report of commemorate IRAN DOOSTAN Tour Leaders

On July 20 2019, IRAN DOOSTAN Company held a ceremony in the main hall of Spinas Hotel in Tehran to commemorate the tour leaders. The event was coordinated and licensed by MICE. The team was also responsible for the staging and provision of the event. MICE group was in charge of welcoming and leading guests […]

SIM cards and Internet in Iran

It is really easy to stay connected and update while traveling to Iran. While you have access to free Wifi at most hotels, cafes, and restaurants, if you want to keep in touch out of these places, you can buy a budget-friendly Sim card. This post covers everything you need to know to buy a […]

6 Essential Apps in Iran

Internet startups and services become more and more popular every day in Iran. people use variable websites and apps to shop online and live more comfortably in a metropolis like Tehran. The Internet is available in all regions of the country and 3G and 4G on phones everywhere. Here are the most useful apps you […]