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How to obtain Iran Business visa

Iran Business visa is issued to those who intend to travel to Iran for business purposes, either as an Iranian business visa. Foreigners can use this option if they intend to trade with Iranians. Currently registered companies and business card holders can apply directly to the Iranian Foreign Ministry for visas. Here’s how to get […]

Iran’s currency guides for tourists

Iran’s currency can be confusing for foreigners. First of all, Iran’s currency is the Rial. It is recommended that you carry Dollar to Iran. You can exchange your dollars to Rial but you may not need to do that. Because Iran is not connected to the western banking system, your first choice is to bring […]

Designing Exhibition Stand in Iran

Participating in an exhibition as a producer or salesman is always exciting. You get to defend your product, learn about customer’s demands and most importantly, sell your ideas. So, to achieve these goals, you need an eye-catching exhibition stand. As more foreign companies have participated in various exhibitions in Iran, building an exhibition stands in […]