Iran is a beautiful country and has so many things to offer. Before travel to Iran make sure to check out our Iran travel guide to learn more about things to do in Iran; culture, events, cuisine, conferences, exhibitions and etc. This complete Iran travel guide has everything you need when you travel to one of the friendliest countries in the world.

6 Essential Apps in Iran

Internet startups and services become more and more popular every day in Iran. people use variable websites and apps to shop online and live more comfortably in a metropolis like Tehran. The Internet is available in all regions of the country and 3G and 4G on phones everywhere. Here are the most useful apps you need while traveling to Iran.

1. Snapp

Snapp is a ride-hailing app like Uber in other countries. It’s a user-friendly interface and always available drivers, rate it atop of the taxi sharing apps in Iran. It’s always cheaper than the other taxis. You can register on the app, via your Google account. Taxis are safe because drivers and trips information will be sent to your email whenever you use the app. You can pay by cash and if you have an Iranian bank account you can pay online too. It’s very easy to use, you must just mark the place you are and where you want to go on the online map. Snapp provides variable services include only for women taxis to bike couriers to transport boxes and passengers too. It’s available at more than 80 small and big cities. Another taxi sharing apps are Tap30 and Carpino useful to be installed in case you can’t find a car in Snapp.

snapp cab

2. WhatsApp Messenger

Its Iranian the most favorite messaging app and if you want to stay in touch with your Iranian friends it’s the best choice. This app is not filtered fortunately and widely used. for video calls WhatsApp and Imo working properly here. After WhatsApp Second place belonged to Telegram, The only matter is you must use a VPN proxy to enter the app because it’s filtered.

whatsapp messenger

3. Snappfood

Snappfood is a delivery service app, for ordering a wide range of food, from traditional Iranian dishes to popular fast food and sushi. It’s a bilingual app and easy to use. After registering, you just need to listen to your inner voice, search the app and order the best one! You can read users’ comments about restaurants and food. if you don’t know Persian, consider the rates given by the users. After choosing you can track your order and see the estimated delivery time. If you don’t have an Iranian credit card, you can pay by cash.


4. Foursquare

You can find restaurants, cafés, shopping centers and fun options at this useful app which is popular in Iran too. This app uses visitor’s comments to stay up to date and add new places and destinations. Rely on comments and reviews of the users to find your way and choose properly.


5. Tehran Metro

One the fastest and cheapest choices to move in Tehran is using subway due to permanent traffic jam especially at city center during rush hours. very easy access from north to south and west to east. Disregard to hustle and bustle of the locals it’s a good choice to experience local life under the skin of the city! Tehran Metro is a bilingual app that gives you a lot of information to help you find the exact position of the stations, arrival times and nearby facilities in and around the stations.

tehran metro

6. Waze

It’s the most popular navigation app in Iran especially among car drivers due to its fast and accurate pathfinding ability. A multilingual option, voice recognition system, alternative paths, and user-friendly menu put it on the top of the list. Another option is Google Maps which helps you to navigate like a local around the cities and finding your destination as easy as possible.