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All of Our Events Are Customized Precisely For Your Audience, Objectives, and Brand.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a wide range of luxury business travel services including access to exclusive events, business elite travel, incentive travel, epic sporting events, medical session, high-level security service & much more. Our level of customer service is unsurpassed and is experienced by both our clients and your audiences. We ensure your event runs seamlessly, leaving you to do the work you are most needed to do. Our high knowledge of the territory will be on your disposal to help you in the selection of your accommodation and your venue as well as the Gala Dinner Venue.

Our Events And Ceremonies Services

At Iran MICE Services, we assess the elements of each thoughtfully to ensure that your key message intersects each stage of your event’s lifespan. By definition, events have a beginning, middle, and end, and its significance should live on.

  • Corporate luxury events
  • Gala & Catering services
  • Multi-lingual hosting
  • VIP programs
  • Social events
  • Lighting
  • Event technology
  • Event marketing

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