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    Irandoostan Mice Service


Years of experience, an extensive and reliable network of partners around the world help to solve any job and provide companies efficient and comfortable participating in exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. Our skillful staff and our local knowledge make Iran Doostan’s partners receive high service level and our problem-solving way of working. We aim to exceed our client’s expectation by providing outstanding customer service and quality performance in all that we do. Our plan for the future includes providing more value-added services to our fast growing number of customers and boosting export and import business.

Our Mission

Our mission is providing an international business networking platform with integrated end-to-end services. B2B and B2C exhibitions, conferences and specialized events that provide a networking opportunity for delegates to make informed decisions and ink lucrative deals.

Our Vision

With a view of the future development of Iran’s economy, our vision is to make Iran the world’s known destination to lead all major exhibitions, conferences, and events in the Middle East.

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