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Embassy of Iran Around the World

Iran has more than 100 embassies and 30 consular representatives worldwide. The presence of these embassies and consulates around the world makes it possible for foreigners to obtain their Iranian visas. However, citizens of several countries must apply for and obtain a visa at the Iranian Embassy in other countries. USA and Canada and Russia […]

Iran Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

Iran Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens Some countries nationals have a difficult situation to obtain Iran Visa comparing to other countries’ nationals. One of these countries is Afghanistan as Afghan nationals have a more difficult process for getting their Iranian visa. But if you know the rules this process may get easier. In this article […]

How is Visa Extension in Iran?

Traveling to Iran can be a very joyful and adventurous experience for travelers. Lots of tourists wish to extend their visa time validation to stay more in Iran. But extending your visa has some tricks and tips and if you don’t know the rules and follow them precisely, you may not get your visa extended. […]

Police and Emergency Services in Iran

Every tourist is concerned about police services and emergency status. Unlike what the west media has shown people, Iran is actually a very safe country. Tourism police, emergency police, and traffic police forces are very committed to their job so that people feel safer. Also, there are several emergency services active in Iran in case […]

Iran visa for Indians

Iranian visa issuance for Indian nationals has its own rules and regulations and Indian nationals applying for travel to Iran must obtain a visa for this country. Iran airport visa for Indians Indian nationals can apply for an airport visa or visa on arrival to enter the country through international airports since 1 August 2018. […]

Mehrabad Airport CIP

CIP stands for Commercial Important Person, meaning “important business people”. important people because of the responsibilities and impacts they have on economic exchanges. Mehrabad International Airport is one of the most important airports in Iran. Lots of Iranians and Tourists have used this airport for their international flights. Its CIP section is equipped with the […]