Imam Khomeini Airport CIP

Everything you must know about Imam Khomeini Airport CIP

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP is considered to be the most well-equipped airport CIPs in Iran. Passengers in and out of Imam Khomeini Airport who wish to enjoy a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere before and after their flight can visit and use lounge and facilities there. The station is designed as a dedicated terminal for important people in a way that respects locals, along with foreign travelers, in a quiet environment without the need to carry out normal airport operations such as getting a flight card and cargo delivery during your stay.

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP

One of the traveler’s concerns flying for trips is the hours before boarding the plane. Hence, it is important for some travelers to get dedicated services. It is important to get off the plane with the least amount of stress and worry. Therefore, in order to benefit from such services, travelers must obtain their preferred airport CIP services through travel agencies. for example, MICE can obtain CIP services for tourists.
Imam Khomeini International Airport is one of the major airports in the country that has provided CIP services to its many passengers.

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP Lounge

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP Services

The services offered at Imam Khomeini Airport can be classified into two categories:
1. Travel Services
Travel services include all the services that this place offers to its passengers in the field of air travel. These include:
• Transfer passengers to the foot of the plane stairs: The flight operations officer transfers passengers whose names are recorded by the reception unit to the passenger list. He or she will also be required to track and resolve any problems, such as failure to identify passengers on the flight. In the case of outbound passengers, this is done by moving them to the foot of the flight of stairs.
• Doing Passport Affairs: Obviously, inbound or outbound travelers must hand over their passports to gates built into the inbound and outbound ports. You just relax so that your CIP officer does your passport affairs.
• Customs formalities: The proprietary formalities also cover all customs matters such as cargo inspection, customs duties and possibly warehousing. It is worth noting that station operations personnel are present at all stages.
• Doing traffic: After checking in at the reception counter, hand over the cargo, ticket, passport and other necessary documents for leaving the country to the Operations Officer. All of the above is done with as much precision as possible.
• Visa: The site also carries out the process of obtaining the types of airport visas approved by the responsible authorities with pre-arranged coordination.
• Welcoming: The proprietary ceremonial features facilities for welcoming passengers on arrival as well as escorting them until boarding.

2. Extra Services
In addition to the facilities mentioned above, travelers can also enjoy the amenities of these halls. Examples include the following services:
• Deluxe Cafes for hot and cold drinks, sweets, salads and desserts for CIP passengers
• The possibility of using the Horderves meal tray for travelers and visitors
• Use of special gates of the police, customs and cargo acceptance
• Use luxury stores with reputable foreign and domestic brands
• Use of wireless internet and computers
• Private Bank Bureau for the purpose of conducting banking affairs
• Dedicated smoking room with standard ventilation
• Shop for nuts, leather, crafts, and caviar
• Private conference room for business negotiations
• Special suites for temporary stays and short breaks
• XBOX for entertaining children in the hours ahead

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP Lounge


The cost of the services you will use at the CIP stations of Imam Khomeini Airport include the following:
• Travel costs
* Adult travel cost: 3.700.000 Rials
* Travel costs for passengers under two years old: Free
* Wheelchair cost (for passengers not able to walk): 1.740.000 Rials
* Cost of visiting (3 hours): 1.480.000 Rials
* Visa services (not including visa fee): 1.480.000 Rials

•Airport transfer
* Volvo XC60: 1.920.000 Rials
* Toyota Camry: 920,000 Rials
* Van: 1.090.000 Rials

• Parking
* Parking fee: 50.000 Rials
* Upon arrival, stop per hour: 10,000 Rials

• Dedicated Suites
* 6 hours for 1 person: 1.755.000 Rials
* 12 hours for 1 person: 2,945,000 Rials
* 24 hours for 1 person: 4,450,000 Rials
* 6 hours for 2 people: 2.255.000 Rials
* 12 hours for 2 people: 3.510.000 Rials
* 24 hours for 2 people: 5.010.000 Rials

What is the difference between CIP & VIP?

VIP and CIP are two terms that you may have heard of. These two terms are used in airports, stadiums, festivals, events, and even on buses.
The word VIP stands for “Very Important Person”. A person who enters an airport or event venue on the basis of factors such as social and political status or because of his or her relationships with major organizations is often called a VIP.
Of course, besides VIP, there is a higher ranking, called VVIP (abbreviation for Very Very Important Person), which refers to more important people like ambassadors, ministers and so on.
The term CIP actually stands for the English words “Commercially Important Person”. In fact, these people can receive certain privileges over others and special care and attention from for example airport staff.
At airports, he/she is treated as a CIP when he/she is an important business person, such as the head of a factory or the CEO of an important startup who is invited by the government or an organization, to receive special services.

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