Police and Emergency Services in Iran

Every tourist is concerned about police services and emergency status. Unlike what the west media has shown people, Iran is actually a very safe country. Tourism police, emergency police, and traffic police forces are very committed to their job so that people feel safer. Also, there are several emergency services active in Iran in case of health or fire emergency or etc.

Tourism Police
Since Tourism Police forces are in direct contact with tourists, they are usually fluent in foreign languages and try to solve tourist problems. The police have different departments and each department is obliged to solve some of the existing problems. Occasionally, the tourism police will handle complaints and help them achieve their legal rights.
It is part of tourism police duty to handle the legal affairs of the tourist, to advise and represent the various areas of the conservation area and to assist the consulates. At the international level, the police of different countries are in contact with each other and are active in exchanging tourist information. Today, in Iran, Tourism Police are set up to provide security for tourists and increase their satisfaction. The police have their own tasks and missions that in some countries are not even under the control of police and are the responsibility for tourism organizations. In Iran, with the help of police, offices have been set up in touristic towns like Shiraz and Isfahan, as Tourism Police Stands.
Major tasks of tourism police are as follows:

· Daily patrols of tourist areas;

· Providing tourist information;

· Establishing of tourist police offices at airports;

· Rapid response and careful reviews when tourists complain;

· Ensure a smooth trip for tourists by keeping sellers and pedestrians away;
· Assist tourists on their issues;

· Filing tourist complaints and reporting to center police in case of theft or missing item;

· Maintaining security in tourist areas;

· Inspect hotels, agencies and tours to keep tourists safe;

· Control of unlicensed tour guides;

· Referral of tourism criminals to judicial authorities and report to the relevant embassy;

Police Call Center: 110
You should call 110 and request an English-speaking operator to assist. Then ask of a tourist police officer or tourist police office address.

Emergency Services

If you have a medical emergency and need to get to the hospital as quick as possible, you will need an ambulance. So, dial 115.

You may encounter fire in a building or god forbid somewhere near yourself. The emergency number for the fire department is 125.

There is some other stuff you may need. Such as knowing the address of 24 hours drug store centers. For that, you should call 191.

If you want to participate in or contact Iran Red Crescent, call 147.

Other Emergency Calls

For getting a private taxi by phone, simply call 133.

For knowing about the weather of city you are staying in call 134.

For flight information call 199.

For phone directory call 118.

For knowing about prayer time call 192.

For knowing about time call 119.

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