Iran Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

Iran Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

Some countries nationals have a difficult situation to obtain Iran Visa comparing to other countries’ nationals. One of these countries is Afghanistan as Afghan nationals have a more difficult process for getting their Iranian visa. But if you know the rules this process may get easier.
In this article we have tried to review the latest Iranian visa rules for Afghan nationals.

Iranian visa for Afghan nationals

Afghan Passport and Iran Visa Form
It was a little difficult to get an Iranian visa for Afghan nationals in the old days. For example, first of all, the applicant had to wait in front of the Iranian embassy for a long time, which was a problem. But nowadays Afghan citizens can easily get their visa by visiting the website and completing the visa application online.

Documents required to obtain an Iranian visa for Afghan nationals
One of the most important issues for obtaining an Iranian visa is submitting the required documents for obtaining an Iranian visa for Afghans:
• White background photo from last few months (no glasses and hat)
• Presenting a six-month passport or passport with two white sheets for labeling.
• It should be noted that Afghan nationals do not need a specific education qualification to obtain an Iranian visa. A college degree does not matter.
• Completing the visa application form

Complete the Iranian visa application form for Afghan nationals

Iran Visa Application Form for Afghan Citizens
A person who is a citizen of Afghanistan must complete the relevant forms to obtain an Iranian visa. This form is different from other forms of Iranian visa and there are various questions that the applicant must fully answer in the specified section. First, there is a blank box form for entering the applicant’s profile and the applicant must fill it out and the other three sections are questions and answers form. The questions in the form are random, meaning that each person’s questions will be different from other people.

Names of Afghanistan cities that can get an Iranian visa
Citizens of Afghanistan can apply for visas through the embassies of Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kabul, and Jalalabad. Paktika has received the opportunity to submit an Iranian visa application through this system recently.

Location of the Iran passport department and embassy in Afghanistan
•After filling out visa application forms online and required documents, applicants must go to one of the specified cities according to the location of his / her passport.
• People whose passports are from Baghlan, Balkh, Badakhshan, Samangan, Jawzjan, Faryab, Kunduz, Sar-e Pol, Takhar should apply to the Mazar-e-Sharif Embassy.
• Applicants holding passports from Ghor, Badghis, and Farah should apply to the Herat Consulate.
• People holding passports from Nangarhar, Kunar, and Laghman should go to the consulate in Jalalabad.
• If the applicant’s passport is from Nimroz, Uruzgan, Ghazni, and Nimroz, the person should visit the Kandahar Embassy.

Failure to Meet the Deadline
If the applicant fails to apply for a visa within the specified time, his or her turn will be lost and cannot be used on the day following his / her appointment. It should be noted that merchants are not subject to this law, but be aware that your registration as a merchant will be tracked multiple times and if you enter inaccurate information in addition to rejecting your application for one year you will be denied an Iranian visa.

Getting Iran Visa for Afghan Nationals with Foreign Passports
These people must first determine which city they want to get their visa from. They can choose a city from Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif or Kandahar. After filling out the required documents, the applicant must contact the Department of State and obtain an interception code through the online ordering system. Then send it to the embassy. It should be noted that the applicant must submit his verification code only at the specified time.

Visiting Personally for Obtaining Iran Visa
The applicant must bring along the following documents when applying for a visa personally:

1. Passport Photo in 4 x 6 dimensions

2. Provide verification/tracking code

3. Certificate of physical and mental health
4. original and two copies of the passport

5. Visa payment receipt (this varies).

6. Married people are required to submit marriage certificates and businessmen are required to submit work permits.

7. Truck drivers must provide the green paper (ownership of truck).
It should be noted that the Iranian Foreign Ministry will be responsible for accepting or rejecting an Iranian visa application.

Here are some tips on getting a visa from Iran for Afghan nationals
The applicant must go to the Iranian Embassy 3 to 15 days after receiving the Visa Confirmation Code. If approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian visa will usually be granted to the Iranian Embassy for 15 days. Of course, depending on the embassy, this time will increase or decrease. It should be noted that the information provided and the work visa rules for Afghan nationals are constantly changing.

Conditions for Extending Iranian Visa for Afghan Citizens
If the Iranian visa expires for afghan citizens, applicants can extend it if he/she has not had any problems during his / her stay in the country. Problems such as personal reasons, criminal reasons, etc. If there are problems, Iran Foreigners Police will not renew for his/ her visa. But if the person has no problem, he or she should apply for a visa extension and their application will be reviewed. Sometimes it may take a long time to verify.

Afghan Nationals Iran Visa Cost
The fees for obtaining an Iranian visa will vary by Afghan nationals and depend on the relevant embassy, but generally, the applicant will have to pay for downloading and submitting the application form. It is up to the day of the interview. Although, if the person’s request is rejected, the paid fee will not be refunded at all.

Iranian Business Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens
There is very little chance that a person of Afghan nationality can get a business visa, but in general, conditions for obtaining a business visa for Afghan nationals depend on type of business. Although the process is a bit complicated.

Iranian Visa Conditions for Married Afghan People
If you are married to an Iranian, it is much easier to get an Iranian visa for a married Afghan citizen than to get a single person visa. In this case, the applicant must specify his / her marital status when filling out the visa application form to determine if his / her spouse is Iranian. She must be 18 years old or higher. For children, the visa process will be done separately.

Contact Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Phone: 61151
Public Relations: 66739191
FAX: 61154275
Zip Code: 1136914811
Address: Iran, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Street, Imam Khomeini Square
Office Hours: Saturday to Wednesday (8 till 15)

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