Iran is a beautiful country and has so many things to offer. Before travel to Iran make sure to check out our Iran travel guide to learn more about things to do in Iran; culture, events, cuisine, conferences, exhibitions and etc. This complete Iran travel guide has everything you need when you travel to one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Introducing Parsian Evin Hotel Tehran – 4 stars

If you are tired of city noise, its pollution and you want to breathe clean air even in Tehran, Parsian Evin Hotel is a good place to stay. It is close to Evin Darake, Saadat Abad and Velenjak, which are close to the Tehran mountains. Parsian Evin Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in this city. The hotel experience, space and modern amenities of the Evin Hotel in Tehran have made it a popular hotel for travelers.

Hotel reception
Parsian Evin Hotel started its activities in 1969. After renovating the hotel, management published several advertisements in Iran newspapers, with 1,800 people applying to the hotel. After examining the recruitment forms of these individuals and taking psychology tests, 175 people were selected. It should be noted that all of these employees have studied hotel management and young people. These individuals were trained and certified by a reputable German company in the field of hotel education (BFZ) for six weeks at Tehran in 6 weeks.

Hotel accommodation facilities
Parsian Evin Hotel has 4 main wings, 2 north wings and 2 south wings with a total of 150 luxurious rooms. Most of the hotel rooms have a small and beautiful balcony that guests can enjoy in the area and the beautiful views of the hotel’s greenery. The hotel has tried to use modern architecture and the interiors are very comfortable. The hotel has a beautiful green area that encompasses the rooms and hotel.

Rooms and Suites facilities
Parsian Evin hotel has 150 rooms, 2 large and elegant suites, 13 small suites, 126 double rooms (Duble, Twin), and 4 single rooms.
All rooms are made and furnished with international standards.

• In-room personal safe box
• Integrated electric card system with unique room card function
• The lighting control system on the headlamp
• LCD TV (with interactive interface)
• ADSL High-Speed Internet
• Satellite Channels
• Refrigerator (mini bar)
• Tea Maker
• Living room (in suites)
• Advanced air conditioning system with internal controller
• Digital Indicator of “Do Not Disturb” and “Clean Room Required”
• Jacuzzi and dry sauna (in Royal Suites)
• The bathroom comes with a hairdryer, a mirror and all the hygienic and cosmetic essentials.

Pardis restaurant
This restaurant is one of the most unique and beautiful restaurants in terms of design and construction. The fusion of the wood design with the combination of warm colors has been able to provide a warm and intimate environment for the guests.
A variety of food is served every Friday at noon. A buffet breakfast is served to outdoor guests and guests at the hotel.

Summer Restaurant
Abshar Restaurant is located in a private area around the hotel’s pool. The cascade restaurant, which has been providing its guests with a pristine and peaceful atmosphere for years, has been renovated while maintaining its unique atmosphere and is now welcoming guests. The restaurant serves a barbecue menu and includes a variety of barbecues, fries and Persian food.

Chinese restaurant
After a major renovation, the Parsian Evin hotel has set up two luxury and stylish restaurants. The Chinese restaurant serves a variety of Chinese dishes. A relatively large lounge with luxurious decoration and good food will make you feel good.

Aashkadeh opened in February of 2018. Aashkadeh is located in a beautiful and relaxing environment welcoming guests from 4 pm to 4 am. It serves Aash which is a traditional food in Iran.

Ceremonial Hall
One of the biggest competitive advantages of the Parsian Evin International Hotel is the multifunctional and luxurious lounges of Koohe Noor.
With an area of over 680 square meters and two separate floors, it is possible to hold weddings from 200 to 700 people.

Also, since the halls are separate and independent, it is possible to hold two events simultaneously each with a maximum capacity of 350 people.
Each floor has a separate entrance, two separate bathrooms, a cloakroom, and a wedding room. The second floor of Koohe Noor, with a ceiling of about 10 meters, is one of the most beautiful pillar-free lounges in the country. Which has a very beautiful appearance.
Also, due to the versatility of the halls, there is the possibility of holding various conferences, seminars, exhibitions, gatherings and more.

Conference Room
The meeting room is next to the reception and can accommodate up to 12 people for small business meetings.
High-speed WiFi and an LCD TV are also available for slideshows.

Parsian Evin Pastry is one of the most dynamic catering and beverage divisions of the hotel which, after the development and investment of human resources, now caters to most of the events held at the hotel including weddings, engagement, conferences, seminars, Meeting, etc.
The use of high-quality raw materials, skilled manpower, up-to-date pastry equipment, and up-to-date pastries and desserts has made the hotel’s guests try their cakes and bakes.

The Parsian Evin Hotel taxi service offers 24-hour service with a modern fleet:
• Provides airport transfer service
• Official welcoming
• CIP and VIP
• Rental of all types of modern and formal cars
• Group Car Rental (Bus, Minibus, and Van Toyota)

Using state-of-the-art equipment, it is ready to provide services to hotel guests and other companies for washing clothes.

Room service
The hotel’s 24-hour room service provides room and meal services to all guests, 24 hours a day with fast, quality service.

Hairdresser and Haircut
By providing modern services in a different and hygienic environment
Services offered in this section include:
• Special groom package
• Haircut with methods and styles of the day
• Cleansing and facial mask
• Hair mask and vitamin
• Makeup, and special baby haircut
• Sterilized equipment and barber equipment with UV

Iran, Tehran province, Tehran, Chamran Highway, Parsian Evin Hotel

passengers can reserve the hotels through MICE. for doing this, you can call the following number:
+98 21 88714214

Embassy of Iran Around the World

Iran has more than 100 embassies and 30 consular representatives worldwide. The presence of these embassies and consulates around the world makes it possible for foreigners to obtain their Iranian visas. However, citizens of several countries must apply for and obtain a visa at the Iranian Embassy in other countries.

USA and Canada and Russia

Citizens of the United States and Canada are currently required to apply for an Iranian visa at the Iranian Embassy in other countries.
In this article, we will mention Russia in Asian Embassy section.

Get your visa at one of the Iranian embassies

Once you have received the confirmation / reference code (from online visa application), you can apply for your visa in person and sometimes by email at the selected Iranian Embassy or Consulate. The code is valid for one month and starts 3 days after you receive the verification / confirmation / reference code.
The exact time to get a visa from the Iranian Embassy or Consulate depends on your Embassy or Consulate and your nationality. The duration can range from 1 to 10 days. Your visa is valid for 3 months from the date it is recorded in the passport. So do not apply for an Iranian visa early until your exact trip to Iran has been determined.

Documents required to obtain a visa from the Iranian Embassy

• Passport (valid for more than 6 months)
• The standard visa application form from the embassy or consulate you want to obtain a visa from
• 4 passport size photos
• Medical travel insurance documents
• Iran Visa Confirmation Code
• Visa fees depend on nationality and sometimes have to be paid at a local bank.
• Some embassies require 1 or 2 photocopies of the passport photo page.
• Copy of travel receipts and on-going travel documents to Iran

Iran Embassies in Europe

• Albania (Tirana)
• Austria (Vienna)
• Belarus (Minsk)
• Belgium (Brussels)
• Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
• France (Paris)
• Georgia (Tbilisi)
• Germany (Berlin / Frankfurt / Hamburg / Munich)
• Greece (Athens)
• Hungary (Budapest)
• Ireland (Dublin)
• Italy (Milan / Rome)
• Macedonia (Skopje)
• Romania (Bucharest)
• Switzerland (Bern, Geneva)
• Turkey (Ankara / Erzurum / Istanbul / Trabzon)
• England (London)
• Vatican (Vatican City)
• Ukraine (Kiev)

Iran Embassies in Oceania

• Australia (Canberra)
• New Zealand (Wellington)

Iran Embassies in Asia

• Afghanistan (Herat / Kabul / Kandahar / Mazar-e-Sharif / Jalalabad)
• Armenia (Yerevan)
• Azerbaijan (Baku / Nakhchivan)
• Bahrain (Manama)
• Bangladesh (Dhaka)
• China (Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou / Hong Kong / Hangzhou)
• Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
• India (Hyderabad / Mumbai / New Delhi)
• Indonesia (Jakarta)
• Iraq (Baghdad)
• Japan (Tokyo)
• Jordan (Oman)
• Kazakhstan (Almaty)
• Kazakhstan (Astana)
• Kuwait (Kuwait)
• Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
• Lebanon (Beirut)
• Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
• Pakistan (Peshawar / Karachi / Lahore / Islamabad / Quetta)
• Russia (Moscow / Astrakhan / Kazan)
• Tajikistan (Monday)
• Turkmenistan (Asheqabad / Merv)
• United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi / Dubai)
• Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
• Vietnam (Hanoi)
• Yemen (Sanaa)
• Philippines (Manila)
• Thailand (Bangkok)

Iran Embassies in Africa

• Algeria (Algeria)
• Brunei (Sri Lanka)
• Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)
• Ghana (Accra)
• Guinea (Conakry)
• Ivory Coast (Abidan)
• Libya (Tripoli)
• Madagascar (Tananarive)
• Mal (Bamako)
• Morocco (Rabat)
• Uganda (Kampala)
• Senegal (Dakar)
• South Africa (Pretoria)
• Sierra Leone (Freetown)
• Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)
• Tunisia (Tunisia)
• Uganda (Kampala)
• Zimbabwe (Harare)

Iran Embassies in South America

• Argentina (Buenos Aires)
• Bolivia (La Paz)
• Brazil (Brazil)
• Chile (Santiago)
• Ecuador (Quito)
• Mexico (Mexico City)
• Nicaragua (Managua)
• Uruguay (Montevideo)
• Venezuela (Caracas)

Contact Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Phone: 61151
Public Relations: 66739191
FAX: 61154275
Zip Code: 1136914811
Address: Iran, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Street, Imam Khomeini Square
Office Hours: Saturday to Wednesday (8 till 15)

Iran Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

Iran Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens

Some countries nationals have a difficult situation to obtain Iran Visa comparing to other countries’ nationals. One of these countries is Afghanistan as Afghan nationals have a more difficult process for getting their Iranian visa. But if you know the rules this process may get easier.
In this article we have tried to review the latest Iranian visa rules for Afghan nationals.

Iranian visa for Afghan nationals

Afghan Passport and Iran Visa Form
It was a little difficult to get an Iranian visa for Afghan nationals in the old days. For example, first of all, the applicant had to wait in front of the Iranian embassy for a long time, which was a problem. But nowadays Afghan citizens can easily get their visa by visiting the website and completing the visa application online.

Documents required to obtain an Iranian visa for Afghan nationals
One of the most important issues for obtaining an Iranian visa is submitting the required documents for obtaining an Iranian visa for Afghans:
• White background photo from last few months (no glasses and hat)
• Presenting a six-month passport or passport with two white sheets for labeling.
• It should be noted that Afghan nationals do not need a specific education qualification to obtain an Iranian visa. A college degree does not matter.
• Completing the visa application form

Complete the Iranian visa application form for Afghan nationals

Iran Visa Application Form for Afghan Citizens
A person who is a citizen of Afghanistan must complete the relevant forms to obtain an Iranian visa. This form is different from other forms of Iranian visa and there are various questions that the applicant must fully answer in the specified section. First, there is a blank box form for entering the applicant’s profile and the applicant must fill it out and the other three sections are questions and answers form. The questions in the form are random, meaning that each person’s questions will be different from other people.

Names of Afghanistan cities that can get an Iranian visa
Citizens of Afghanistan can apply for visas through the embassies of Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kabul, and Jalalabad. Paktika has received the opportunity to submit an Iranian visa application through this system recently.

Location of the Iran passport department and embassy in Afghanistan
•After filling out visa application forms online and required documents, applicants must go to one of the specified cities according to the location of his / her passport.
• People whose passports are from Baghlan, Balkh, Badakhshan, Samangan, Jawzjan, Faryab, Kunduz, Sar-e Pol, Takhar should apply to the Mazar-e-Sharif Embassy.
• Applicants holding passports from Ghor, Badghis, and Farah should apply to the Herat Consulate.
• People holding passports from Nangarhar, Kunar, and Laghman should go to the consulate in Jalalabad.
• If the applicant’s passport is from Nimroz, Uruzgan, Ghazni, and Nimroz, the person should visit the Kandahar Embassy.

Failure to Meet the Deadline
If the applicant fails to apply for a visa within the specified time, his or her turn will be lost and cannot be used on the day following his / her appointment. It should be noted that merchants are not subject to this law, but be aware that your registration as a merchant will be tracked multiple times and if you enter inaccurate information in addition to rejecting your application for one year you will be denied an Iranian visa.

Getting Iran Visa for Afghan Nationals with Foreign Passports
These people must first determine which city they want to get their visa from. They can choose a city from Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif or Kandahar. After filling out the required documents, the applicant must contact the Department of State and obtain an interception code through the online ordering system. Then send it to the embassy. It should be noted that the applicant must submit his verification code only at the specified time.

Visiting Personally for Obtaining Iran Visa
The applicant must bring along the following documents when applying for a visa personally:

1. Passport Photo in 4 x 6 dimensions

2. Provide verification/tracking code

3. Certificate of physical and mental health
4. original and two copies of the passport

5. Visa payment receipt (this varies).

6. Married people are required to submit marriage certificates and businessmen are required to submit work permits.

7. Truck drivers must provide the green paper (ownership of truck).
It should be noted that the Iranian Foreign Ministry will be responsible for accepting or rejecting an Iranian visa application.

Here are some tips on getting a visa from Iran for Afghan nationals
The applicant must go to the Iranian Embassy 3 to 15 days after receiving the Visa Confirmation Code. If approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian visa will usually be granted to the Iranian Embassy for 15 days. Of course, depending on the embassy, this time will increase or decrease. It should be noted that the information provided and the work visa rules for Afghan nationals are constantly changing.

Conditions for Extending Iranian Visa for Afghan Citizens
If the Iranian visa expires for afghan citizens, applicants can extend it if he/she has not had any problems during his / her stay in the country. Problems such as personal reasons, criminal reasons, etc. If there are problems, Iran Foreigners Police will not renew for his/ her visa. But if the person has no problem, he or she should apply for a visa extension and their application will be reviewed. Sometimes it may take a long time to verify.

Afghan Nationals Iran Visa Cost
The fees for obtaining an Iranian visa will vary by Afghan nationals and depend on the relevant embassy, but generally, the applicant will have to pay for downloading and submitting the application form. It is up to the day of the interview. Although, if the person’s request is rejected, the paid fee will not be refunded at all.

Iranian Business Visa Requirements for Afghan Citizens
There is very little chance that a person of Afghan nationality can get a business visa, but in general, conditions for obtaining a business visa for Afghan nationals depend on type of business. Although the process is a bit complicated.

Iranian Visa Conditions for Married Afghan People
If you are married to an Iranian, it is much easier to get an Iranian visa for a married Afghan citizen than to get a single person visa. In this case, the applicant must specify his / her marital status when filling out the visa application form to determine if his / her spouse is Iranian. She must be 18 years old or higher. For children, the visa process will be done separately.

Contact Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Phone: 61151
Public Relations: 66739191
FAX: 61154275
Zip Code: 1136914811
Address: Iran, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Street, Imam Khomeini Square
Office Hours: Saturday to Wednesday (8 till 15)

How to Get Visa Upon Arrival at Iranian Airports?

Tourists and individuals who wish to travel to Iran for business or commercial purposes can apply for an airport visa at the airport consular units of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This type of visa is also called Visa on Arrival or VOA. Nowadays citizens of almost 100 countries can obtain their visa on arrival at Iranian airports. Although there are special nationals that can’t get their visa on arrival. We talked about that topic in Iran Visa for Special Nationalities.

Iran Visa on Arrival

Iranian airport visas have been issued to more than 90 countries worldwide. Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Visa based at Iran airport, when applying for a visa, setting up a visa application form, reviews the application for a visa, and then issues a visa. This visa may allow nationals to stay in Iran for up to thirty days.
However, the Iranian Foreign Ministry has provided many facilities for guests to enter Iran. However, reports from foreign guests who received Iranian airport visas indicate that it is better to apply for a visa even though the airport does the process.

Important reasons for foreign guests to apply for a visa in advance
• Long lines for airport visa applicants that may make tourists wait hours to get a visa. (In some cases, up to 24 hours)
• Different hours to reach Iran. You may arrive at Imam Khomeini Airport at 3 am. In these circumstances, even the thought of waiting for an airport visa after 10 hours of flight is a cause for concern.
• Filling out lots of visa application forms at the airport.
• Waiting for the administrative process of airport visa issuance.
• In some cases, due to lack of knowledge of the rules, a visa is not issued
If you have already applied for an Iranian visa
• The airport visa process will be carried out at a higher rate.
• You will be more confident about getting a visa.
• No need to worry about waiting for Iran airport visa queues.
• No need to fill out multiple forms (you will get your visa by holding a passport and a reference code issued by the embassy website).

Iranian Airport Visa Requirements
• Citizens of countries eligible for an Iranian airport visa include:
Azerbaijan, Albania, Germany, Argentina, South Africa, Austria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Bronte, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria Herzegovina, Portugal, Peru, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, Denmark, Russian Federation, Romania, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, France, Palestine, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Croatia, South Korea, North Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Poland, Malaysia, Hungary, Mongolia, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Venezuela, Vietnam, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Greece, Tanzania, Oman, India
• Citizens of Iraq can obtain airport visas at Mashhad airport.
• Attendance of the visa applicant and presentation of the original passport (valid passport) with a validity of at least 6 months without any harm or objection.
• Provide reference code (issued by embassy)
• Passenger travel insurance (This policy is compulsory for all foreigners to enter Iran)
• Payment of the visa fee to the airport consulate.

If the Iranian visa application has not been completed prior to arrival and the reference code has not been received, the following documents are also required
• Completion and signature of the Visa Application Questionnaire (the questionnaires should be read and fully drafted).
• If the applicant is requesting a visa to accompany his / her spouse and children in the passport, he/she must include their exact details in the questionnaires.
• Details and photos of the spouse and children (under 18) that should already be included in the applicant’s passport.
• A new 4 * 6 photo piece (no hat, no glasses, full beard, just the face) of applicant and companions.
• A screenshot of the passport profile.


Iran Visa Fee 2019
By the time you are traveling to Iran this fee may vary. So, to make sure, simply contact Iran Embassy in your country or the Travel Agency that is doing your visa process.

Time Validation for Iran Visa:
Iran visa is valid for 3 months (90 days). People can stay in Iran for 30 days and if they want to stay more, they must request the extension. You better request it from 1 to 3 days before your staying date is over. Go to The Immigrant and Passport Police Office in the city you are staying and make your request. Google Maps or your Travel Agency can address you to these offices.

Iran International Airports
Applicants can obtain their visa from these airports:
Imam Khomeini, Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz, Urmia, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Tabriz, Qeshm Island, Kerman, Kish, Ahvaz.

Contact Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Phone: 61151
Public Relations: 66739191
FAX: 61154275
Zip Code: 1136914811
Address: Iran, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Street, Imam Khomeini Square
Office Hours: Saturday to Wednesday (8 till 15)

How is Visa Extension in Iran?

Traveling to Iran can be a very joyful and adventurous experience for travelers. Lots of tourists wish to extend their visa time validation to stay more in Iran. But extending your visa has some tricks and tips and if you don’t know the rules and follow them precisely, you may not get your visa extended. If a foreign traveler wishes to stay in Iran for a longer period and is considering Visa Extension in Iran, this article may be helpful.

Visa Extension in Iran

An Indian Citizen with Iran Visa
The Iranian visa is a one-time entry and the traveler can stay in Iran for 30 days. Tourists who have traveled to Iran for business or commercial purposes can personally apply to the Iran Foreigners Police with their passports and visas and apply for an extension of their visas.
It is important to note that the final decision on whether or not to renew Iran’s visa is in the opinion of Foreigners Police. To extend your visa, you must personally submit your request to the Foreigners Police. It is recommended to ask an Iranian acquaintance or your tour guide or travel agency to accompany you to the police officer. Because having a Persian-speaking friend can help you in handling these situations.

Conditions for Extending Iranian Visa for Foreigners
To extend the visa, guests must contact the Foreigners Police, wait in the queue first, and enter the main building after officers have been identified. First, they take turns on the first floor, then go to the Presidency and apply for a renewal visa. Upon receipt of the Chairman’s confirmation letter, they will go to the ground floor (xerox unit) and receive and complete the visa renewal forms and return those completed forms to the relevant office on the first floor.

Get Started Soon!

Iran Visa
If you intend to renew your visa, it is advisable to begin the visa renewal process 2 to 7 days before expiration. Iranian visas can be renewed at foreign police offices in major Iranian cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Tabriz. These offices are usually crowded so it is advisable to visit these offices in the morning to start the visa renewal process faster.

Documents required for visa renewal
• Obtaining a Request Letter to Extend Visa
• Two 4 * 3 photo pieces (Note: Ladies should have a photo with a scarf.)
• Provide original passport, copy of passport pages and last valid visa
• Complete and submit a two-pages visa extension form with a pink folder
• Input stamp
• Bank statement in the amount of 345,000 Rials deposit into Melli Bank Account No: 2171151302005
• Submit a written request from your host company to the officers (in case of business visa)

Oral Conditions Requirements
You may also be asked about the reason for the visa extension. If you are a traveler, you should explain what attractions you are going to see and if the traveler is for business in Iran, he/she must explain the reasons for his / her business extension.
The important point is that the visa renewal fee must be paid to the Melli Bank and the payment receipt must be provided with the necessary documents. If your visa process begins early, your visa may be renewed the same day. This process will usually take between 1 to 4 hours. Otherwise, your passport will remain with the Foreigners Police Department until your visa is ready.

Issued Visa Conditions
Your tourist or business visa will be renewable for up to 30 days if the police agree. This means that you can stay in Iran for up to 60 days. Iran’s visa may be renewed for a second time. If the foreigners and police agree, you may also stay in Iran for up to 90 days. It should be noted that extending your visa up to 90 days will be relatively difficult.

FAQs About Visa Extension in Iran

1. Do you have an Iranian tourist visa?
If you arrive in Iran for tourism and have a 30-day Iranian visa, you can extend it for another 30 days. But if you have a 15-day Iranian airport visa, your visa may only be extended for another 15 days.
2. Do you have an Iranian business visa?
If you come to Iran for business, commercial or administrative purposes and intend to renew your visa, you should personally report to the National Police with the necessary documents. Iran’s business visa for foreign nationals can be renewed in cooperation with the Foreign Police and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (Foreigners Department). The visa application must be from an Iranian host (your host company).
3. What are the work hours of foreigners police offices?
You can submit your request to the Foreigners Police from Saturdays to Wednesdays (7:30 to 14:00) and Thursdays (8:00 to 11:30). On Fridays, offices are closed.
4. Where are the Visa Extension Centers?
If you are staying in Tehran, you can apply for a visa extension at the headquarters of the Foreigners Police station on Motahari Street, Corner of Noor Street or Shahrara Street. Otherwise, if you are a resident in the city you should contact the Police +10 Stations. Your google map has their addresses or simply ask your travel agency.
5. Is a guest visa required for a visa renewal?
Yes, the guest visa must apply for renewal.
6. What documents are required to renew my corporate visa?
A letter with company letterhead with stamp and signature of the CEO stating the visa application renewal is required.
7. Can a Multi-Entry visa be renewed?
Multi-Entry visas renewal is decided by the Foreigners Police Department. There’s no straight answer to this question because some of these visas can get extended but some can’t.
8. How much is the penalty for delaying a visa renewal?
A fine of 450,000 Rials per delayed days.

Police and Emergency Services in Iran

Every tourist is concerned about police services and emergency status. Unlike what the west media has shown people, Iran is actually a very safe country. Tourism police, emergency police, and traffic police forces are very committed to their job so that people feel safer. Also, there are several emergency services active in Iran in case of health or fire emergency or etc.

Tourism Police
Since Tourism Police forces are in direct contact with tourists, they are usually fluent in foreign languages and try to solve tourist problems. The police have different departments and each department is obliged to solve some of the existing problems. Occasionally, the tourism police will handle complaints and help them achieve their legal rights.
It is part of tourism police duty to handle the legal affairs of the tourist, to advise and represent the various areas of the conservation area and to assist the consulates. At the international level, the police of different countries are in contact with each other and are active in exchanging tourist information. Today, in Iran, Tourism Police are set up to provide security for tourists and increase their satisfaction. The police have their own tasks and missions that in some countries are not even under the control of police and are the responsibility for tourism organizations. In Iran, with the help of police, offices have been set up in touristic towns like Shiraz and Isfahan, as Tourism Police Stands.
Major tasks of tourism police are as follows:

· Daily patrols of tourist areas;

· Providing tourist information;

· Establishing of tourist police offices at airports;

· Rapid response and careful reviews when tourists complain;

· Ensure a smooth trip for tourists by keeping sellers and pedestrians away;
· Assist tourists on their issues;

· Filing tourist complaints and reporting to center police in case of theft or missing item;

· Maintaining security in tourist areas;

· Inspect hotels, agencies and tours to keep tourists safe;

· Control of unlicensed tour guides;

· Referral of tourism criminals to judicial authorities and report to the relevant embassy;

Police Call Center: 110
You should call 110 and request an English-speaking operator to assist. Then ask of a tourist police officer or tourist police office address.

Emergency Services

If you have a medical emergency and need to get to the hospital as quick as possible, you will need an ambulance. So, dial 115.

You may encounter fire in a building or god forbid somewhere near yourself. The emergency number for the fire department is 125.

There is some other stuff you may need. Such as knowing the address of 24 hours drug store centers. For that, you should call 191.

If you want to participate in or contact Iran Red Crescent, call 147.

Other Emergency Calls

For getting a private taxi by phone, simply call 133.

For knowing about the weather of city you are staying in call 134.

For flight information call 199.

For phone directory call 118.

For knowing about prayer time call 192.

For knowing about time call 119.

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP

Everything you must know about Imam Khomeini Airport CIP

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP is considered to be the most well-equipped airport CIPs in Iran. Passengers in and out of Imam Khomeini Airport who wish to enjoy a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere before and after their flight can visit and use lounge and facilities there. The station is designed as a dedicated terminal for important people in a way that respects locals, along with foreign travelers, in a quiet environment without the need to carry out normal airport operations such as getting a flight card and cargo delivery during your stay.

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP

One of the traveler’s concerns flying for trips is the hours before boarding the plane. Hence, it is important for some travelers to get dedicated services. It is important to get off the plane with the least amount of stress and worry. Therefore, in order to benefit from such services, travelers must obtain their preferred airport CIP services through travel agencies. for example, MICE can obtain CIP services for tourists.
Imam Khomeini International Airport is one of the major airports in the country that has provided CIP services to its many passengers.

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP Lounge

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP Services

The services offered at Imam Khomeini Airport can be classified into two categories:
1. Travel Services
Travel services include all the services that this place offers to its passengers in the field of air travel. These include:
• Transfer passengers to the foot of the plane stairs: The flight operations officer transfers passengers whose names are recorded by the reception unit to the passenger list. He or she will also be required to track and resolve any problems, such as failure to identify passengers on the flight. In the case of outbound passengers, this is done by moving them to the foot of the flight of stairs.
• Doing Passport Affairs: Obviously, inbound or outbound travelers must hand over their passports to gates built into the inbound and outbound ports. You just relax so that your CIP officer does your passport affairs.
• Customs formalities: The proprietary formalities also cover all customs matters such as cargo inspection, customs duties and possibly warehousing. It is worth noting that station operations personnel are present at all stages.
• Doing traffic: After checking in at the reception counter, hand over the cargo, ticket, passport and other necessary documents for leaving the country to the Operations Officer. All of the above is done with as much precision as possible.
• Visa: The site also carries out the process of obtaining the types of airport visas approved by the responsible authorities with pre-arranged coordination.
• Welcoming: The proprietary ceremonial features facilities for welcoming passengers on arrival as well as escorting them until boarding.

2. Extra Services
In addition to the facilities mentioned above, travelers can also enjoy the amenities of these halls. Examples include the following services:
• Deluxe Cafes for hot and cold drinks, sweets, salads and desserts for CIP passengers
• The possibility of using the Horderves meal tray for travelers and visitors
• Use of special gates of the police, customs and cargo acceptance
• Use luxury stores with reputable foreign and domestic brands
• Use of wireless internet and computers
• Private Bank Bureau for the purpose of conducting banking affairs
• Dedicated smoking room with standard ventilation
• Shop for nuts, leather, crafts, and caviar
• Private conference room for business negotiations
• Special suites for temporary stays and short breaks
• XBOX for entertaining children in the hours ahead

Imam Khomeini Airport CIP Lounge


The cost of the services you will use at the CIP stations of Imam Khomeini Airport include the following:
• Travel costs
* Adult travel cost: 3.700.000 Rials
* Travel costs for passengers under two years old: Free
* Wheelchair cost (for passengers not able to walk): 1.740.000 Rials
* Cost of visiting (3 hours): 1.480.000 Rials
* Visa services (not including visa fee): 1.480.000 Rials

•Airport transfer
* Volvo XC60: 1.920.000 Rials
* Toyota Camry: 920,000 Rials
* Van: 1.090.000 Rials

• Parking
* Parking fee: 50.000 Rials
* Upon arrival, stop per hour: 10,000 Rials

• Dedicated Suites
* 6 hours for 1 person: 1.755.000 Rials
* 12 hours for 1 person: 2,945,000 Rials
* 24 hours for 1 person: 4,450,000 Rials
* 6 hours for 2 people: 2.255.000 Rials
* 12 hours for 2 people: 3.510.000 Rials
* 24 hours for 2 people: 5.010.000 Rials

What is the difference between CIP & VIP?

VIP and CIP are two terms that you may have heard of. These two terms are used in airports, stadiums, festivals, events, and even on buses.
The word VIP stands for “Very Important Person”. A person who enters an airport or event venue on the basis of factors such as social and political status or because of his or her relationships with major organizations is often called a VIP.
Of course, besides VIP, there is a higher ranking, called VVIP (abbreviation for Very Very Important Person), which refers to more important people like ambassadors, ministers and so on.
The term CIP actually stands for the English words “Commercially Important Person”. In fact, these people can receive certain privileges over others and special care and attention from for example airport staff.
At airports, he/she is treated as a CIP when he/she is an important business person, such as the head of a factory or the CEO of an important startup who is invited by the government or an organization, to receive special services.

Imam Khomeini International Airport

Everything you must know about Imam Khomeini International Airport

Imam Khomeini Airport has become the main highway of Iran’s international flights in recent years. This airport is located on the Tehran-Qom highway which is 30 km far from Tehran city. There are currently more than 40 airlines operating at Imam Khomeini Airport and more than 700 flights to 30 destinations per week. Let’s walk you through Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Airport History

Imam Khomeini International Airport, or IKIA, is located on a 14,000-hectare site in the administrative district of Rey City. Building this airport was started in 1967. The ICAO organization proposed the construction of the airport to make the best use of Iran’s transit location between Asia and Europe by building a modern airport. The plan had been going on for a while but after the revolution, the building was stopped. fortunately, after the war, the plan was resumed and finally, in 2004 the first phase of the airport opened. Imam Khomeini Airport is currently mainly dedicated to international flights and internal flights are mostly operated at Mehrabad Airport. Imam Khomeini Airport has only two active terminals so far, handling about 8 million passengers annually. Terminals 3 is also under construction. By completing it, it is expected to increase its passenger capacity to 30 million annually. The airport is a major hub for Iran Airlines, Mahan, Aseman, Qeshm, Caspian, Taban, and Zagros.

Airline Companies

IKIA Flights

IKIA Flights
There are more than 40 prestigious airline companies operating at Imam Khomeini Airport. Some of the reputable foreign airlines are Air France, Emirates Airlines, Dubai Fly, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Tai Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Internal airlines such as Iran Air, Zagros Airlines, Mahan Airlines, Kish Air, Sky Airlines and Caspian Airlines also have regular flights to the airport. You can see Imam Khomeini airport arrivals and Imam Khomeini airport departures at Imam Khomeini airport website.

Airport Accessibility
Imam Khomeini Airport is 30 km away from the city of Tehran on Tehran-Qm highway. There are various ways to get there between the airport and Tehran and elsewhere. These ways include:
• Personal car: If you are planning to go to Imam Airport with a personal car, you can reach there via Tehran-Qom Road and Tehran-Saveh Freeway.
• Imam Khomeini Airport Taxis: Three companies; “Seyrosafar, Tehran Taxi Bisim, and Taxi Deluxe”, or online taxis like “Snapp, TAP30” are responsible for the transportation of passengers. The airport uses a variety of vehicles to transport passengers at different rates. Airport taxis include Samand, Toyota Camry and Volkswagen, Van, and Toyota RAW Fore. If you’re at the airport, you can take a taxi cab outside the airport. If you are in the city and planning to go to the airport, you can call 1833, 1828 and 1804.
• Imam Khomeini Airport metro: Tehran subway line 1 connects Imam Khomeini Airport to Tehran and other subway lines. The station at Imam Metro Airport opened in August 2017 so that passengers can also use the subway to move.
• Bus: The special buses to Imam Khomeini Airport are on Terminal No.4 of Mehrabad Airport and depart every hour. The buses also stop at the Azadi Square and the Holy Shrine subway stations.

Airport facilities

Internet access: In airport-based booths, you can use the free internet service.

CIP Ceremonial Services: If you have to wait a few hours at Imam Khomeini Airport, you can use the airport’s special CIP lounge service. One of the benefits of using this service is that you don’t have to be in long queues to check-in and get a flight card. During these years you can enjoy free WiFi internet, enjoy free drinks in the cafe and shop in luxury stores for a variety of products such as caviar, pistachio, leather and more. The process to board the aircraft will be made by airport staff.

Lounges: In lounges, you can enjoy a private coffee shop, a variety of drinks and hot and cold meals as well as a beautiful view of the runway.

Shopping: There are many shops and booths in the Imam Airport area. The airport cafe offers a variety of Internet-related services and credit card sales. You can buy a variety of handicrafts and souvenirs in the Exterior Flight Salon shop. In the Nuts shop of the outlet section, you can also find all kinds of nuts and Iranian snacks such as pistachios as well as saffron, caviar and more. Sunglasses stores, perfume and cologne shops, bags and leather luggage stores and watch stores are available at the airport.

Eating and food: At the airport, you can find many booths for food and drink. Inbound and outbound lounges have several shops offering hot drinks such as tea, Nescafe, coffee, and small cakes and sandwiches. If you are planning on eating the right kind of food, you can go to the restaurant in the airport lounge, which serves a variety of Iranian and international dishes.

Currency Exchange: If you want to convert your Dollar or Rial, you can also use the currency exchange office available at the airport at inbound and outbound lounges to convert money.

Imam Khomeini Airport Hotel: Travelers who have to spend a long time at the airport and do not have enough time to get to the city can use the Ibis Hotel on the airport campus. This airport hotel was built by the French Accor Hotel Group and is just a short walk from the airport. This 7floor hotel has 4 rooms and is ready to serve passengers from February 6. Restaurant, free Wi-Fi, free private parking and full room service are among amenities at this hotel. There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.

Ibis airport hotel address: Ibis hotel, in front of terminal No.1, south of airport’s main highway, 30killometer to Tehran-Qom freeway.
Reservation and guidance phone No.: 90067755

Exterior of Imam Khomeini Airport Building

Other Imam Airport Facilities

Other services and amenities at the Imam Khomeini Airport include a 24-hour emergency room service, a lost and found luggage office, a bank and luggage storage and luggage area.


As of June 2019, Imam Khomeini International Airport has two active terminals.

Terminal 1
The first active terminal is called Terminal 1, which handles a total of 6.5 million passengers and 120.000 tonnes per year. By the year 2015, more than 7 million passengers have been discharged from this terminal, and this figure is expected to rise to 8 million by the year 2016. After the opening of the Salam Terminal, domestic flights are made from the western part of Terminal 1.

Salam Terminal (Terminal 2)
The second terminal, called Salam, has a capacity to accommodate 5 million passengers a year. It was supposed to be operational in June 2016 but postponed its opening until June 2019. Although the terminal was intended to be used solely for Saudi Arabian Hajj flights, which is an Islamic religious event. according to Abbas Akhundi, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, it will be used for all internal and external flights.

Iranshahr Terminal (Terminal 3)
The third terminal is called Iranshahr, which is currently under construction phase and is planned to be built by the Netherlands Airport Consultants. By opening Terminal 3, it is expected that the capacity of imam Khomeini airport increases by up to 30 million passengers per year. After the opening of the terminal, Terminal 1 will be used only for internal flights.

iran visa for indians

Iran visa for Indians

Iranian visa issuance for Indian nationals has its own rules and regulations and Indian nationals applying for travel to Iran must obtain a visa for this country.

Iran airport visa for Indians

Indian nationals can apply for an airport visa or visa on arrival to enter the country through international airports since 1 August 2018. Until now, visas have been very difficult for Iranian tourists in India and vice versa. Specifically, each Iranian had to pay 260.000 Tomans to a private tourist company representing the Indian embassy in India for Indian tourist visas; and Indian nationals had to do the same.
After a while, the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued airport visas and visas on arrival for Indian tourists, but visas for Iranian tourists in India remained difficult and the validity of the visa was not good enough. Therefore, the airport visa for Indian nationals in Iran was also canceled. Currently, India has been issuing the visa on arrival to Iranians for several months, allowing Iranians to apply for visas through the website and then obtain visas at Delhi and Mumbai airports. Subsequently, the Iranian Foreign Ministry also issued an airport visa/visa on arrival to Indian nationals anytime they travel to Iran.
This was announced by the Deputy Director of the Department of Visa and Passport of Iran Foreign Affairs Ministry:
“Indians was one of those countries that were not issued airport visas for, but it is now listed as one of the eight countries whose nationals can get airport visas at international airports (Visa on Arrival)”
Iran airport visa is valid for 30 days and will be extended for 15 to 60 days.

Compare to previous years, nowadays Indian people can get Iran visa more easily.

Required Documents for Obtaining Iran Visa for Indians

As you know, you are required to provide certain documents depending on the type of Iranian visa, but the following is a list of general documents that should be attached to all cases:
• Indian Birth Certificate
• Passport with 6 months validity.
• Visa stamp fee which you can pay at the airport. Cost depends on the tourist’s nationality.
• An official photo to be attached to Iran Visa. A photo similar to your passport photo works fine.
• An Invitation Letter. The invitation letter must be sent from an Iranian travel agency to the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs 48 hours before your flight.
• Online visa application form with an authorization number.
• Your return ticket within 30 days timeframe since your arrival to Iran.
• Travel insurance valid for Iran.

Documents Scanning for Obtaining Iran Visa for Indians

As you have read, scanning of declared documents including passports and birth certificates is required, but in the meantime, you should be careful about the quality of the scanning and printing and submitting them. Prepare and present your passport scan in color. It goes without saying that the Indian citizenship passport must have a validity of 6 months. Your picture should not be covered in a hat, long beard, etc.

Time Validation for Iran Visa

When you get an Iranian visa for Indian nationals you should know that it is valid for 30 days and it is also possible to extend it, although it can be said that with this type of ordinary visas you can stay in the country for 30 days and you should use the renewal method to stay. The State Department can also grant people a 15 to a 60-day stay and this approval will be issued depending on validating the passenger.

Iran Business Visa for Indians

This type of Iranian visa is also for those Indian nationals who travel to Iran for business purposes, and the duration of this visa must also be provided by the company depending on the need for a person’s presence in the country.
Obtaining an Iranian business visa also requires specific documents, which we will mention below:
• A business partner (real or legal) invitation to apply for a business visa is required.
• Two new 3 * 4 biometric photo pieces (the photo must be full face, no hat, no dark glasses)
• Applicant’s valid passport (Passport must be valid for at least six months).
• Filled out the host profile form
• Filled out the guest profile form
• Letter of Appeal with Letterhead, Sealed, and Official Signature of CEO Requesting the Iranian Foreign Ministry to Visit Iran for a multi-entry Visa Application
• The official newspaper along with the latest changes to the company
• A crisp, clear image of the passport’s front page
• Picture of the host national ID card (both sides of the card)

the Iranian visa that has been issued for an Indian citizen


This varies from a country to another. So, to make sure of Iran Visa Cost you must visit Iran Embassy in your own country or simply ask the travel agency that can prepare your visa for you. The second part is recommended to save your time and energy to focus on your trip.

Electronic visa

Iran Electronic Visas have been available since 22 November 2018.

Your Passport Won’t be Stamped in Iran

In 2015, US Visa Waiver Program (WPM), has issued a new limitation imposed on the citizen of some countries (mostly European countries) who have previously traveled to Iran that those travelers can’t visit the US anymore or they must go through a clarification in order to go back to the US.
To counter this sanction, in 2018, Iran updated its visa policy and started a new stamp-free policy to encourage more foreign visitors to enter Iran. In this new policy, Iran tourists will no longer have an Iranian visa attached to their passport or an arrival or exit stamp on their passport.
So, because there will be no arrival and departure stamp on your passport. you just need to deliver the visa to the officer at the immigration section of the airport at your departure time from Iran.
Therefore, you can come to Iran, visit any place you want and if you are worried about sanctions, your passport will not be stamped. Enjoy your stay and don’t worry!


Mehrabad Airport

Mehrabad Airport CIP

CIP stands for Commercial Important Person, meaning “important business people”. important people because of the responsibilities and impacts they have on economic exchanges. Mehrabad International Airport is one of the most important airports in Iran. Lots of Iranians and Tourists have used this airport for their international flights. Its CIP section is equipped with the latest standards of international CIPs. So, passengers can trust their services.

Difference between CIP & VIP?

You may also be wondering what is the difference between VIP and CIP services? The major difference between these two types of services is security. Security means using personal guards, dedicated stands, video surveillance cameras, and more. Therefore, VIPs also have more security features because of their job sensitivity. Another thing to know about these two types of services is that VIP services are usually paid by the organization concerned. However, CIP services are paid for by individuals themselves.
One of the concerns of travelers who choose to fly for their trips is the hours before boarding the plane. Hence, it is important for some travelers to get dedicated services. It is important to get on the plane with the least amount of stress and worry. Therefore, in order to benefit from such services, travelers must obtain their preferred airport CIP services through airports or travel agencies. for example, MICE can obtain CIP services for tourists.

Mehrabad Airport CIP

Mehrabad Airport CIP

Mehrabad CIP

Mehrabad CIP is located in a beautiful area with great facilities in Terminal One. The catering capacity for more than 150 passengers is meticulously designed to host all airline passengers at Mehrabad Airport.
Although this lounge is located in Terminal One, passengers can use all airlines. One of the interesting things is the meeting room equipped with modern-day amenities and facilities that can be used by public and private companies and groups. Alongside these facilities, there are a number of suites in the Mehrabad CIP area, which can be used by passengers who are flying long-haul flights.
Other amenities include a massage chair, which is served in the CIP lounge for travelers, as well as a variety of drinks and Finger Food. CIP passengers and visitors can be with their companions until the flight. It is worth mentioning that the check-in and receipt flight tickets for the CIP lounge of Mehrabad Airport are privately owned. Next to the CIP section is a beautifully designed coffee shop ready to serve passengers and their companions.

Official CIP Costs of Mehrabad International Airport

These costs are announced by Mehrabad Airport:
Lounge + DCS: Getting the flight card. Cargo delivery. Transport up to the fly. Equipped with a laundry room and smoking room, prayer room, high-speed internet, coffee shop. The cost of providing services to non-Iranian travelers is 30$ USD.
Suite Room: The entrance is 75.000 tomans. The cost per hour is 30.000 tomans. Breakfast is free and each meal is priced at 50.000 tomans.
Wheelchair service fee for specific passengers: 100.000 tomans. Wheelchair service must be required when booking
Pets: 100.000 tomans. Pets must be kept in cages
Meeting Hall: 1.500.000 tomans. Number of guests 20 to 25 people and 4 hours duration ‘Extra hour cost: 300.000 Tomans; Snack per person: 15.000 Tomans’
Conference Hall: 2.000.000 tomans. For 2 to 4 hours ‘Reception fee per hour: 450.000 Tomans; Snack per person: 15.000 Tomans’