iran visa for indians

Iran visa for Indians

Iranian visa issuance for Indian nationals has its own rules and regulations and Indian nationals applying for travel to Iran must obtain a visa for this country.

Iran airport visa for Indians

Indian nationals can apply for an airport visa or visa on arrival to enter the country through international airports since 1 August 2018. Until now, visas have been very difficult for Iranian tourists in India and vice versa. Specifically, each Iranian had to pay 260.000 Tomans to a private tourist company representing the Indian embassy in India for Indian tourist visas; and Indian nationals had to do the same.
After a while, the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued airport visas and visas on arrival for Indian tourists, but visas for Iranian tourists in India remained difficult and the validity of the visa was not good enough. Therefore, the airport visa for Indian nationals in Iran was also canceled. Currently, India has been issuing the visa on arrival to Iranians for several months, allowing Iranians to apply for visas through the website and then obtain visas at Delhi and Mumbai airports. Subsequently, the Iranian Foreign Ministry also issued an airport visa/visa on arrival to Indian nationals anytime they travel to Iran.
This was announced by the Deputy Director of the Department of Visa and Passport of Iran Foreign Affairs Ministry:
“Indians was one of those countries that were not issued airport visas for, but it is now listed as one of the eight countries whose nationals can get airport visas at international airports (Visa on Arrival)”
Iran airport visa is valid for 30 days and will be extended for 15 to 60 days.

Compare to previous years, nowadays Indian people can get Iran visa more easily.

Required Documents for Obtaining Iran Visa for Indians

As you know, you are required to provide certain documents depending on the type of Iranian visa, but the following is a list of general documents that should be attached to all cases:
• Indian Birth Certificate
• Passport with 6 months validity.
• Visa stamp fee which you can pay at the airport. Cost depends on the tourist’s nationality.
• An official photo to be attached to Iran Visa. A photo similar to your passport photo works fine.
• An Invitation Letter. The invitation letter must be sent from an Iranian travel agency to the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs 48 hours before your flight.
• Online visa application form with an authorization number.
• Your return ticket within 30 days timeframe since your arrival to Iran.
• Travel insurance valid for Iran.

Documents Scanning for Obtaining Iran Visa for Indians

As you have read, scanning of declared documents including passports and birth certificates is required, but in the meantime, you should be careful about the quality of the scanning and printing and submitting them. Prepare and present your passport scan in color. It goes without saying that the Indian citizenship passport must have a validity of 6 months. Your picture should not be covered in a hat, long beard, etc.

Time Validation for Iran Visa

When you get an Iranian visa for Indian nationals you should know that it is valid for 30 days and it is also possible to extend it, although it can be said that with this type of ordinary visas you can stay in the country for 30 days and you should use the renewal method to stay. The State Department can also grant people a 15 to a 60-day stay and this approval will be issued depending on validating the passenger.

Iran Business Visa for Indians

This type of Iranian visa is also for those Indian nationals who travel to Iran for business purposes, and the duration of this visa must also be provided by the company depending on the need for a person’s presence in the country.
Obtaining an Iranian business visa also requires specific documents, which we will mention below:
• A business partner (real or legal) invitation to apply for a business visa is required.
• Two new 3 * 4 biometric photo pieces (the photo must be full face, no hat, no dark glasses)
• Applicant’s valid passport (Passport must be valid for at least six months).
• Filled out the host profile form
• Filled out the guest profile form
• Letter of Appeal with Letterhead, Sealed, and Official Signature of CEO Requesting the Iranian Foreign Ministry to Visit Iran for a multi-entry Visa Application
• The official newspaper along with the latest changes to the company
• A crisp, clear image of the passport’s front page
• Picture of the host national ID card (both sides of the card)

the Iranian visa that has been issued for an Indian citizen


This varies from a country to another. So, to make sure of Iran Visa Cost you must visit Iran Embassy in your own country or simply ask the travel agency that can prepare your visa for you. The second part is recommended to save your time and energy to focus on your trip.

Electronic visa

Iran Electronic Visas have been available since 22 November 2018.

Your Passport Won’t be Stamped in Iran

In 2015, US Visa Waiver Program (WPM), has issued a new limitation imposed on the citizen of some countries (mostly European countries) who have previously traveled to Iran that those travelers can’t visit the US anymore or they must go through a clarification in order to go back to the US.
To counter this sanction, in 2018, Iran updated its visa policy and started a new stamp-free policy to encourage more foreign visitors to enter Iran. In this new policy, Iran tourists will no longer have an Iranian visa attached to their passport or an arrival or exit stamp on their passport.
So, because there will be no arrival and departure stamp on your passport. you just need to deliver the visa to the officer at the immigration section of the airport at your departure time from Iran.
Therefore, you can come to Iran, visit any place you want and if you are worried about sanctions, your passport will not be stamped. Enjoy your stay and don’t worry!


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