Imam Khomeini International Airport

Everything you must know about Imam Khomeini International Airport

Imam Khomeini Airport has become the main highway of Iran’s international flights in recent years. This airport is located on the Tehran-Qom highway which is 30 km far from Tehran city. There are currently more than 40 airlines operating at Imam Khomeini Airport and more than 700 flights to 30 destinations per week. Let’s walk you through Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Airport History

Imam Khomeini International Airport, or IKIA, is located on a 14,000-hectare site in the administrative district of Rey City. Building this airport was started in 1967. The ICAO organization proposed the construction of the airport to make the best use of Iran’s transit location between Asia and Europe by building a modern airport. The plan had been going on for a while but after the revolution, the building was stopped. fortunately, after the war, the plan was resumed and finally, in 2004 the first phase of the airport opened. Imam Khomeini Airport is currently mainly dedicated to international flights and internal flights are mostly operated at Mehrabad Airport. Imam Khomeini Airport has only two active terminals so far, handling about 8 million passengers annually. Terminals 3 is also under construction. By completing it, it is expected to increase its passenger capacity to 30 million annually. The airport is a major hub for Iran Airlines, Mahan, Aseman, Qeshm, Caspian, Taban, and Zagros.

Airline Companies

IKIA Flights

IKIA Flights
There are more than 40 prestigious airline companies operating at Imam Khomeini Airport. Some of the reputable foreign airlines are Air France, Emirates Airlines, Dubai Fly, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Tai Airways, and Turkish Airlines. Internal airlines such as Iran Air, Zagros Airlines, Mahan Airlines, Kish Air, Sky Airlines and Caspian Airlines also have regular flights to the airport. You can see Imam Khomeini airport arrivals and Imam Khomeini airport departures at Imam Khomeini airport website.

Airport Accessibility
Imam Khomeini Airport is 30 km away from the city of Tehran on Tehran-Qm highway. There are various ways to get there between the airport and Tehran and elsewhere. These ways include:
• Personal car: If you are planning to go to Imam Airport with a personal car, you can reach there via Tehran-Qom Road and Tehran-Saveh Freeway.
• Imam Khomeini Airport Taxis: Three companies; “Seyrosafar, Tehran Taxi Bisim, and Taxi Deluxe”, or online taxis like “Snapp, TAP30” are responsible for the transportation of passengers. The airport uses a variety of vehicles to transport passengers at different rates. Airport taxis include Samand, Toyota Camry and Volkswagen, Van, and Toyota RAW Fore. If you’re at the airport, you can take a taxi cab outside the airport. If you are in the city and planning to go to the airport, you can call 1833, 1828 and 1804.
• Imam Khomeini Airport metro: Tehran subway line 1 connects Imam Khomeini Airport to Tehran and other subway lines. The station at Imam Metro Airport opened in August 2017 so that passengers can also use the subway to move.
• Bus: The special buses to Imam Khomeini Airport are on Terminal No.4 of Mehrabad Airport and depart every hour. The buses also stop at the Azadi Square and the Holy Shrine subway stations.

Airport facilities

Internet access: In airport-based booths, you can use the free internet service.

CIP Ceremonial Services: If you have to wait a few hours at Imam Khomeini Airport, you can use the airport’s special CIP lounge service. One of the benefits of using this service is that you don’t have to be in long queues to check-in and get a flight card. During these years you can enjoy free WiFi internet, enjoy free drinks in the cafe and shop in luxury stores for a variety of products such as caviar, pistachio, leather and more. The process to board the aircraft will be made by airport staff.

Lounges: In lounges, you can enjoy a private coffee shop, a variety of drinks and hot and cold meals as well as a beautiful view of the runway.

Shopping: There are many shops and booths in the Imam Airport area. The airport cafe offers a variety of Internet-related services and credit card sales. You can buy a variety of handicrafts and souvenirs in the Exterior Flight Salon shop. In the Nuts shop of the outlet section, you can also find all kinds of nuts and Iranian snacks such as pistachios as well as saffron, caviar and more. Sunglasses stores, perfume and cologne shops, bags and leather luggage stores and watch stores are available at the airport.

Eating and food: At the airport, you can find many booths for food and drink. Inbound and outbound lounges have several shops offering hot drinks such as tea, Nescafe, coffee, and small cakes and sandwiches. If you are planning on eating the right kind of food, you can go to the restaurant in the airport lounge, which serves a variety of Iranian and international dishes.

Currency Exchange: If you want to convert your Dollar or Rial, you can also use the currency exchange office available at the airport at inbound and outbound lounges to convert money.

Imam Khomeini Airport Hotel: Travelers who have to spend a long time at the airport and do not have enough time to get to the city can use the Ibis Hotel on the airport campus. This airport hotel was built by the French Accor Hotel Group and is just a short walk from the airport. This 7floor hotel has 4 rooms and is ready to serve passengers from February 6. Restaurant, free Wi-Fi, free private parking and full room service are among amenities at this hotel. There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.

Ibis airport hotel address: Ibis hotel, in front of terminal No.1, south of airport’s main highway, 30killometer to Tehran-Qom freeway.
Reservation and guidance phone No.: 90067755

Exterior of Imam Khomeini Airport Building

Other Imam Airport Facilities

Other services and amenities at the Imam Khomeini Airport include a 24-hour emergency room service, a lost and found luggage office, a bank and luggage storage and luggage area.


As of June 2019, Imam Khomeini International Airport has two active terminals.

Terminal 1
The first active terminal is called Terminal 1, which handles a total of 6.5 million passengers and 120.000 tonnes per year. By the year 2015, more than 7 million passengers have been discharged from this terminal, and this figure is expected to rise to 8 million by the year 2016. After the opening of the Salam Terminal, domestic flights are made from the western part of Terminal 1.

Salam Terminal (Terminal 2)
The second terminal, called Salam, has a capacity to accommodate 5 million passengers a year. It was supposed to be operational in June 2016 but postponed its opening until June 2019. Although the terminal was intended to be used solely for Saudi Arabian Hajj flights, which is an Islamic religious event. according to Abbas Akhundi, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development, it will be used for all internal and external flights.

Iranshahr Terminal (Terminal 3)
The third terminal is called Iranshahr, which is currently under construction phase and is planned to be built by the Netherlands Airport Consultants. By opening Terminal 3, it is expected that the capacity of imam Khomeini airport increases by up to 30 million passengers per year. After the opening of the terminal, Terminal 1 will be used only for internal flights.

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