Introducing Parsian Evin Hotel Tehran – 4 stars

If you are tired of city noise, its pollution and you want to breathe clean air even in Tehran, Parsian Evin Hotel is a good place to stay. It is close to Evin Darake, Saadat Abad and Velenjak, which are close to the Tehran mountains. Parsian Evin Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in this city. The hotel experience, space and modern amenities of the Evin Hotel in Tehran have made it a popular hotel for travelers.

Hotel reception
Parsian Evin Hotel started its activities in 1969. After renovating the hotel, management published several advertisements in Iran newspapers, with 1,800 people applying to the hotel. After examining the recruitment forms of these individuals and taking psychology tests, 175 people were selected. It should be noted that all of these employees have studied hotel management and young people. These individuals were trained and certified by a reputable German company in the field of hotel education (BFZ) for six weeks at Tehran in 6 weeks.

Hotel accommodation facilities
Parsian Evin Hotel has 4 main wings, 2 north wings and 2 south wings with a total of 150 luxurious rooms. Most of the hotel rooms have a small and beautiful balcony that guests can enjoy in the area and the beautiful views of the hotel’s greenery. The hotel has tried to use modern architecture and the interiors are very comfortable. The hotel has a beautiful green area that encompasses the rooms and hotel.

Rooms and Suites facilities
Parsian Evin hotel has 150 rooms, 2 large and elegant suites, 13 small suites, 126 double rooms (Duble, Twin), and 4 single rooms.
All rooms are made and furnished with international standards.

• In-room personal safe box
• Integrated electric card system with unique room card function
• The lighting control system on the headlamp
• LCD TV (with interactive interface)
• ADSL High-Speed Internet
• Satellite Channels
• Refrigerator (mini bar)
• Tea Maker
• Living room (in suites)
• Advanced air conditioning system with internal controller
• Digital Indicator of “Do Not Disturb” and “Clean Room Required”
• Jacuzzi and dry sauna (in Royal Suites)
• The bathroom comes with a hairdryer, a mirror and all the hygienic and cosmetic essentials.

Pardis restaurant
This restaurant is one of the most unique and beautiful restaurants in terms of design and construction. The fusion of the wood design with the combination of warm colors has been able to provide a warm and intimate environment for the guests.
A variety of food is served every Friday at noon. A buffet breakfast is served to outdoor guests and guests at the hotel.

Summer Restaurant
Abshar Restaurant is located in a private area around the hotel’s pool. The cascade restaurant, which has been providing its guests with a pristine and peaceful atmosphere for years, has been renovated while maintaining its unique atmosphere and is now welcoming guests. The restaurant serves a barbecue menu and includes a variety of barbecues, fries and Persian food.

Chinese restaurant
After a major renovation, the Parsian Evin hotel has set up two luxury and stylish restaurants. The Chinese restaurant serves a variety of Chinese dishes. A relatively large lounge with luxurious decoration and good food will make you feel good.

Aashkadeh opened in February of 2018. Aashkadeh is located in a beautiful and relaxing environment welcoming guests from 4 pm to 4 am. It serves Aash which is a traditional food in Iran.

Ceremonial Hall
One of the biggest competitive advantages of the Parsian Evin International Hotel is the multifunctional and luxurious lounges of Koohe Noor.
With an area of over 680 square meters and two separate floors, it is possible to hold weddings from 200 to 700 people.

Also, since the halls are separate and independent, it is possible to hold two events simultaneously each with a maximum capacity of 350 people.
Each floor has a separate entrance, two separate bathrooms, a cloakroom, and a wedding room. The second floor of Koohe Noor, with a ceiling of about 10 meters, is one of the most beautiful pillar-free lounges in the country. Which has a very beautiful appearance.
Also, due to the versatility of the halls, there is the possibility of holding various conferences, seminars, exhibitions, gatherings and more.

Conference Room
The meeting room is next to the reception and can accommodate up to 12 people for small business meetings.
High-speed WiFi and an LCD TV are also available for slideshows.

Parsian Evin Pastry is one of the most dynamic catering and beverage divisions of the hotel which, after the development and investment of human resources, now caters to most of the events held at the hotel including weddings, engagement, conferences, seminars, Meeting, etc.
The use of high-quality raw materials, skilled manpower, up-to-date pastry equipment, and up-to-date pastries and desserts has made the hotel’s guests try their cakes and bakes.

The Parsian Evin Hotel taxi service offers 24-hour service with a modern fleet:
• Provides airport transfer service
• Official welcoming
• CIP and VIP
• Rental of all types of modern and formal cars
• Group Car Rental (Bus, Minibus, and Van Toyota)

Using state-of-the-art equipment, it is ready to provide services to hotel guests and other companies for washing clothes.

Room service
The hotel’s 24-hour room service provides room and meal services to all guests, 24 hours a day with fast, quality service.

Hairdresser and Haircut
By providing modern services in a different and hygienic environment
Services offered in this section include:
• Special groom package
• Haircut with methods and styles of the day
• Cleansing and facial mask
• Hair mask and vitamin
• Makeup, and special baby haircut
• Sterilized equipment and barber equipment with UV

Iran, Tehran province, Tehran, Chamran Highway, Parsian Evin Hotel

passengers can reserve the hotels through MICE. for doing this, you can call the following number:
+98 21 88714214

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