How is Visa Extension in Iran?

Traveling to Iran can be a very joyful and adventurous experience for travelers. Lots of tourists wish to extend their visa time validation to stay more in Iran. But extending your visa has some tricks and tips and if you don’t know the rules and follow them precisely, you may not get your visa extended. If a foreign traveler wishes to stay in Iran for a longer period and is considering Visa Extension in Iran, this article may be helpful.

Visa Extension in Iran

An Indian Citizen with Iran Visa
The Iranian visa is a one-time entry and the traveler can stay in Iran for 30 days. Tourists who have traveled to Iran for business or commercial purposes can personally apply to the Iran Foreigners Police with their passports and visas and apply for an extension of their visas.
It is important to note that the final decision on whether or not to renew Iran’s visa is in the opinion of Foreigners Police. To extend your visa, you must personally submit your request to the Foreigners Police. It is recommended to ask an Iranian acquaintance or your tour guide or travel agency to accompany you to the police officer. Because having a Persian-speaking friend can help you in handling these situations.

Conditions for Extending Iranian Visa for Foreigners
To extend the visa, guests must contact the Foreigners Police, wait in the queue first, and enter the main building after officers have been identified. First, they take turns on the first floor, then go to the Presidency and apply for a renewal visa. Upon receipt of the Chairman’s confirmation letter, they will go to the ground floor (xerox unit) and receive and complete the visa renewal forms and return those completed forms to the relevant office on the first floor.

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Iran Visa
If you intend to renew your visa, it is advisable to begin the visa renewal process 2 to 7 days before expiration. Iranian visas can be renewed at foreign police offices in major Iranian cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Tabriz. These offices are usually crowded so it is advisable to visit these offices in the morning to start the visa renewal process faster.

Documents required for visa renewal
• Obtaining a Request Letter to Extend Visa
• Two 4 * 3 photo pieces (Note: Ladies should have a photo with a scarf.)
• Provide original passport, copy of passport pages and last valid visa
• Complete and submit a two-pages visa extension form with a pink folder
• Input stamp
• Bank statement in the amount of 345,000 Rials deposit into Melli Bank Account No: 2171151302005
• Submit a written request from your host company to the officers (in case of business visa)

Oral Conditions Requirements
You may also be asked about the reason for the visa extension. If you are a traveler, you should explain what attractions you are going to see and if the traveler is for business in Iran, he/she must explain the reasons for his / her business extension.
The important point is that the visa renewal fee must be paid to the Melli Bank and the payment receipt must be provided with the necessary documents. If your visa process begins early, your visa may be renewed the same day. This process will usually take between 1 to 4 hours. Otherwise, your passport will remain with the Foreigners Police Department until your visa is ready.

Issued Visa Conditions
Your tourist or business visa will be renewable for up to 30 days if the police agree. This means that you can stay in Iran for up to 60 days. Iran’s visa may be renewed for a second time. If the foreigners and police agree, you may also stay in Iran for up to 90 days. It should be noted that extending your visa up to 90 days will be relatively difficult.

FAQs About Visa Extension in Iran

1. Do you have an Iranian tourist visa?
If you arrive in Iran for tourism and have a 30-day Iranian visa, you can extend it for another 30 days. But if you have a 15-day Iranian airport visa, your visa may only be extended for another 15 days.
2. Do you have an Iranian business visa?
If you come to Iran for business, commercial or administrative purposes and intend to renew your visa, you should personally report to the National Police with the necessary documents. Iran’s business visa for foreign nationals can be renewed in cooperation with the Foreign Police and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (Foreigners Department). The visa application must be from an Iranian host (your host company).
3. What are the work hours of foreigners police offices?
You can submit your request to the Foreigners Police from Saturdays to Wednesdays (7:30 to 14:00) and Thursdays (8:00 to 11:30). On Fridays, offices are closed.
4. Where are the Visa Extension Centers?
If you are staying in Tehran, you can apply for a visa extension at the headquarters of the Foreigners Police station on Motahari Street, Corner of Noor Street or Shahrara Street. Otherwise, if you are a resident in the city you should contact the Police +10 Stations. Your google map has their addresses or simply ask your travel agency.
5. Is a guest visa required for a visa renewal?
Yes, the guest visa must apply for renewal.
6. What documents are required to renew my corporate visa?
A letter with company letterhead with stamp and signature of the CEO stating the visa application renewal is required.
7. Can a Multi-Entry visa be renewed?
Multi-Entry visas renewal is decided by the Foreigners Police Department. There’s no straight answer to this question because some of these visas can get extended but some can’t.
8. How much is the penalty for delaying a visa renewal?
A fine of 450,000 Rials per delayed days.

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