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event license in Iran

How is obtaining event license in Iran?

Holding and managing an event in Iran requires an event license. obtaining this license in Iran requires an administrative procedure to obtain a permit. Getting license varies depending on the type of conference and provincial, national, international level.
Without authorization, holding events, conferences and similar titles would not be possible, and all information centers such as conference information sites, newspapers and magazines would have to include the issued congress authorization number.

event license in Iran

event license is one of the most important steps in the event planning


Event organizing rules

All conference and seminar organizers should be commensurate with the national, international and provincial levels of the conference. they must obtain the necessary approval from the Conference Planning Organizations and the Planning & Development Council of the province.
Titles such as seminars, conventions, conferences, and festivals, are all subject to these bylaws and must be licensed. It should be noted that educational gatherings and training sessions as well as national religious occasions, do not require authorization.
The conference will organize under the overall supervision of the Vice President of Human Resources Development and Management. The conference organizing team consists of the following members working together to organize a conference in Iran:

• The representative of the Ministry of Interior
• The representative of the President’s Administration and Human Capital
• The representative of the Ministry of Science
• Ministry of Intelligence representative
• Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance

Conference authorization is required for events using national & international titles. Conferences that are held internationally and are also held by the state apparatus in Iran should be coordinated by the relevant state apparatus and commission. There are also filling in forms for the conference which are completed by the individual or entity.

Procedures for obtaining a national or international event license

event license in Iran

for obtaining a license, you must do something…

If you want to use national or international titles for your event, you need to follow these steps:
1- Refer to the below link and fill the required information:
2- Preparing a Letter of Appeal for Holding a Conference, a Picture of the Statute and Official newspaper or Activity License.
3- Send all the above-mentioned documents to the following email:

On international events, in addition to the above documents, you must also submit a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Partner Organization at the conference and Passport picture of guests. You can also use real mail instead of e-mail and send the documents to the address of the conference management organization. Note that this must be done at least two months before the conference or event date.

After a preliminary examination of the documents, you will be notified if there is a defect. Otherwise, the initial results go to the Conference Organizing Working Group. Next, the Working Group invites the conference’s secretary to attend a joint meeting. Finally, the result will be notified in writing to the applicant. If they agree with your plan, you are granted permission to hold your conference and can use the name you want unhindered.

Conditions of holding an event

The promotion organization of Iran indicated the rules that every company that organizes an event must have these qualifications:
• Ability to organize and run the exhibition or event
• Having more than 5 permanent staff
• Relative understanding of manufacturing / commercial status of the industry
•  an adequate understanding of the target market
• Ability to hold exhibitions according to the duties specified in the statute of the company
• To obtaining license exclusive exhibitions, the company must Have a History of holding at least three International or Exclusive Exhibitions.

Designing Exhibition Stand in Iran

Participating in an exhibition as a producer or salesman is always exciting. You get to defend your product, learn about customer’s demands and most importantly, sell your ideas. So, to achieve these goals, you need an eye-catching exhibition stand. As more foreign companies have participated in various exhibitions in Iran, building an exhibition stands in Iran has improved over recent years. Nowadays selling products is not only about quality, but it is also a game of showmanship and decorations, so you need a remarkable exhibition stand and staff.

Who Designs Your Stands?

There are numerous design companies in Iran that would design your exhibition stand for you. Just Google “Designing/Building Exhibition Stand in Iran” and you will see lots of Iranian companies specializing in this field. If you are unhappy with their resume you can choose a company from your own country but make sure that they are able to operate in Iran.

What Services Do Design Companies Usually Offer?

Design companies in Iran usually offer various services. These aren’t offered by all but by most of them:

  • Design & Build: they will both design and build your exhibition stand. designs would be custom or influenced from past works.
  • Staffing the Stand: they can hire professional salesmen to present your products.
  • Conferences Management: they can manage and implement a master timeline for conferences. This timeline outlines tasks that need to be completed in a timeframe basis.
  • Space Bookings: some Iranian companies operate only in Iran but some operate in the whole middle east. So, they can book your stand in lots of exhibitions in Iran or some middle eastern countries.
  • Customer Services: registering orders, obtaining licenses, transiting and transferring, money transferring, storage, consultation in trading, export, and import, supplying export goods, insurance, translator and tour guide, travel services, providing gift bags. These are the number of customer services that Iranian exhibition stand design companies offer.

Best Stand Designing Prize?

Samsung Exhibition Stand

Here I will give you some tips on how to order or design or build an exhibition stand that attracts lots of visitors:

  • Graphics: use stunning graphics, bold fonts, and 3D designs to make your stand look beautiful. Having impressive graphics will not only seem good and eye-catching but will also attract more customers to your exhibition stand.
  • Architecture: don’t go complex, don’t go cheap either. A booth should be both eye-catching and simple at the same time.
  • Colors: go white or go colorful. Both will attract more customers. Of course, this depends on your product or your company’s logo. Maybe your logo is blue-based color so you need to add blue to your stand.
  • Height: stand designers often fail to consider height. First, you should check with the exhibition organizer to see how high you can go, then with large signs, huge stand materials, and backlight font-style graphics, you can pique the curiosity of attendees across the show floor. This is a great tactic used by big brands.
  • Lights: lots of exhibitors forget the advantage lighting can provide to elevate the design of an exhibition stand. It is essential to incorporate additional lighting into your stand design and not rely on the lights provided by the show.
  • Food & Game: one creative idea for an exhibition stand is to add a gaming element or a vending machine near your stand. This will attract visitors near your booth and then you have a better chance to represent yourself. But you need to identify your target audience.
  • VR: ok so this element totally depends on your product but if you have the chance to represent your idea with VR Technology, you better use it. VR can be a huge help to demonstrate your harvester’s efficiency without actually getting it in your booth.
  • Registry: create a digital and comfortable platform for customers that want to buy or sign up for your product.
  • Video Streaming: nowadays people are more interested in visuals than words. This idea helps your prospective clients, who have not visited the exhibition, to get a first-hand look at your exhibition stand. By getting your exhibition stand design to your visitors through video streaming, you not only generate hype during the show, but these videos can also be used during post-marketing to provide a recap.
  • Gift Bags: your exhibition visitors are more likely to enter your exhibition stand if it has some promotional gift bags for them. Gift bags are one of the best types of promotional stand ideas that are sure to give good returns. They’ve been used as a valid marketing tactic for decades and remain relevant.
  • Atmosphere: lots of attendees come of the experience along with the networking. Novelty is an attractive crowd puller. A good atmosphere will surely retain attendees in your exhibition stand long enough for sales or lead conversion.

Best Stand Staffing Prize?

Booth Staffing in Iran

And here are some tips on how to staff your booth:

  • Friendly: your personnel must be friendly, socially acceptable, smiling all the time and well behaved.
  • Training: you must prepare a fully detailed script for salesmen. Train them with scripts or business conferences.
  • Short & Simple: Staffers should introduce themselves with a one-minute overview of your company, ask questions to find out about visitor’s needs, spend 1-minute giving details on products and then getting visitor information for follow-up.
  • Presentation: it’s important for staffers to be well dressed, polite and professional.
  • Don’t Overstaff: don’t overstaff your booth. Staffing your stand with too many people turn away visitors. In other words, don’t keep your booth crowded with visitors or sellers. Visitors don’t like a crowded exhibition booth.

SIM cards and Internet in Iran

It is really easy to stay connected and update while traveling to Iran. While you have access to free Wifi at most hotels, cafes, and restaurants, if you want to keep in touch out of these places, you can buy a budget-friendly Sim card. This post covers everything you need to know to buy a SIM card and stay online everywhere in Iran.


Operators in Iran

Hamrahe-Aval, Irancell and RighTel, and Taliya are 4 major GSM operators in Iran. Hamrahe-Aval (First Operator) is the first and governmental operator covers the whole country except some mountainous and hard to reach desert areas. the operator provides SMS, MMS, GPRS services. Irancell is the second largest one in Iran with a lot of varied services and good coverage all around Iran. The first two operators are the main and the best ones. here we tell you how to buy and use them in detail.

How to buy a SIM card?

You can buy both Hamrahe-Aval or Irancell prepaid SIM cards as your arrival to Imam Khomeini International Airport, if you want to enter through land borders you can buy it from official service centers, available in all cities. The only thing you need is to show your passport and visa to selling agents for registration.

A complete guide for Hamrahe-Aval Simcard

You can buy 2 types of price:

  • 5000Toman- Prepaid SIM card has 500T credit, plus 5000T gift credit after the first recharge.
  • 10000Toman-prepaid SIM card has 5000T credit, plus 5000T gift credit after the first recharge.

Hamrahe-Aval Simcard

How to recharge?

Credit vouchers are available in the newspaper booth or any local grocery stores. Vouchers vary from 1000T to 20000T plus %9 VAT. Dial *140*#15digit pin number# and press ok to recharge your Hamrahe-Aval SIM card.

You can get the recharge pin from ATM or use mobile apps, but unfortunately, they work only with Iranian bank’s credit cards. If you need a recharge pin but have not accessed to stores, ask a local to send a recharge credit to your number and pay in cash. Prices are the same.

How to get Notrino Internet settings on a cell phone?

You can get the settings in several ways:

1- Send the type and model of your cell phone via SMS to 8008

2- Send the Serial No. of cell phone via SMS to 8008(To receive the Serial No. dial USSD Code *#06#)

3- Visit MCI website, the activation menu for Notrino Internet.

4- Manual settings:

For Android phones, follow these steps:

Settings-> wireless and networks-> mobile networks-> Access Point Names->

Then, in the name field, type mci-Notrino, and in the APN field, type mcinet.

Make sure nothing is written in the proxy field.

For IOS phones, follow these steps:

General ->Cellular ->Cellular Data Network -> -> Settings

Type mcinet in the APN field

Make sure nothing is written in the proxy field.

How to buy and active data packages?      

New prepaid Sim card subscribers receive 800MB welcome internet after the first activation that is valid for 1week. Hamrahe-Aval offers varied data packages include of 1day,1week, 1month, 3month, 6month and 1year long. There are different ways (*1#, *10#, *100#, *1000#, SMS 8080, SMS 10, website, “MY MCI” application and IVR.) to active data packs.

Follow the instruction below to check and active data packages via *1# command code.

  1. Dial *1#, choose No.5 or directly dial *1*5#.
  2. Choose your desired package.
  3. Enter the phone number (you can enter someone else phone number to send a data package for him/her).

After these steps, data package information will send to the number and you can start surfing.

Daily and weekly packages will not be activated automatically after the expiration date and you have to follow the steps again. To cancel the auto-renewal, you should dial *100*8# or send 8 via SMS to 8080. You can easily turn on phone data to connect to the internet if you don’t want to buy a data package, but the prices are much more.

A complete guide for MTN Irancell Simcard

You can buy an Irancell Simcard at the price of 5000Toman postpaid SIM card plus initial credit include 1GB internet, 1000 SMS and 1000min free airtime (between Irancell subscribers).

How to recharge?

Credit vouchers are available everywhere in stores, via apps, ATM and news booth. Fees varied from 1000T to 20000T plus 9% VAT. Dial*141*digit pin# then press ok to top up your SIM. Another way is to dial *555#, three times choose 1 in the menu, enter the pin. credit will be sent via SMS to your phone.

Irancell 4G Simcard


How to buy and active data packages?

New subscribers receive 1GB free welcome internet as they active the SIM card. there are varied data packages includes of daily, weekly, monthly, 3days, 15days, hourly and multifunction options.

If you want to buy a data package, follow the instruction below:

Dial *555#, enter 5, choose the desired package, enter the phone number, pay via your phone credit. activation SMS will send to your phone.


Set up your mobile or tablet internet for Irancell subscribers

While most phones and tablets will be automatically set up, the following are some tips, if you can’t handle it.

Android 4 & newer versions 

  1. Menu, apps, setting, more, mobile networks,
  2. Data-enabled, access point names, new APN
  3. Set Name as (Irancell-GPRS) and APN (mtn-irancell), save changes and back to mobile network setting tab again and set the network mode on (WCDMA/GSM).

IOS systems

  1. Menu, settings, cellular (turn it on)
  2. Cellular data options, voice & data, choose LTE to access to 4G internet.

SIM cards expiration rules

Your prepaid SIM card will be expired in 3months, if you don’t use it again, after the first call and your credit stay below 500T in 3months.




Iran agrofood 2019 logo

Iran agrofood 2019

After 18 months of preparations, Finally, the first Iran Agrofood organized by Fairtrade and Palar Samaneh in 1994. Since then, Iran Agrofood becomes one of the important exhibitions in the food industry. Iran Agrofood 2019 is greater than ever and Iran Doostan MICE Services has the honor to be part of this exhibition for 23 years.

21 countries present at Iran Agrofood 2019
currently, Iran has a difficult Business environment, but despite all problems, there are 815 exhibitors from 21 countries in Iran Agrofood 2019. Exhibitors display all new products, technologies, and solutions to the right audience and over than 40,000 visitors from all around the world, especially Iran visitors.

There is a 5th dedicated trade show
From 1994 to 2004 there has been just one trade show. In 2005, Iran food and Bev tec and Iran food and hospitality join in the Iran Agro trade show. Iran Agrofood becomes larger than before, but it was not the end! In 2016, Iran food ingredients launch as a special event to the Iran food and Bev tec and in 2017 it’s officially becoming the 4th trade show in Iran Agrofood. In 2018, Iran bakery and confectionery added to the other trade shows. Iran Agrofood 2019 has a 5th dedicated trade show include Iran Agrofood 2019, Iran food and hospitality 2019, Iran food and Bev tec 2019, Iran bakery and confectionery, Iran food ingredients 2019 and it will be greater and larger than before.

At 25th Iran Agrofood 2018 there were thousands of B2B meetings and %81 of the visitors recommend of the event after this great show.
Mr. Reza Seifi the Sales expert of PTSilo about Iran Agro 2019: “We are an Iranian company serving the international grain storage market. We’ve had many visitors so far at Iran Agro 2018 and consider the current situation as profitable as the sanctions result in us being the only silo producer in the market and offer us many possibilities.”

Mr. Hermann Wieser the General Manager of AAC said: “For me, the highlight of this show is that many companies are present with National Pavilions. This shows a sustained interest in the Iranian market.” He continued: “We look at the current framework conditions with a sense of reality and are eagerly awaiting further decisions by the US and especially the European Union. There is still confidence on both sides that in whatever form, economic relations and, above all, payment transactions can be carried out.”

Iran MICE Services at Iran Agrofood 2019
As in previous years, Iran MICE Services will have an active and constant presence in the Iran Agrofood 2019. Our services include Tailor-made travel packages like Iran Visa, Hotel Booking, Round trip transfer (Airport/Hotel/Airport) (Hotel/Exhibition/Hotel), Translator and exciting Tehran and Iran city tours with a reasonable price. For more information about our services for Iran Agro 2019 contact us.


Iran Agrofood 2019 information
Iran Agro 2019 known for the largest international Food, Food Technology & Agricultural events in the Middle East has been scheduled from 18-21 June 2019 at the Tehran International Fairgrounds. The exhibitors come from Austria, Brazil, China, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mongolia, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Denmark.

Iran agrofood 2019 map

Iran Agrofood 2019 Groundplan

Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds, Shahid Dr. Chamran Expressway, Tadjrish, Tehran, Iran

Opening hours
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, 18 – 21 June 2019

Preparation: 14 – 17 June 2019
Exhibition period: 18 – 21 June 2019
Dismantling: 22 – 23 June 2019

The 24th Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition 2019

Iran Doostan Mice Services, the official partner of the Iran international oil, gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition 2019 show provide companies efficient and comfortable participating in Iran oil show exhibition

FEPET 2018

FEPET and their unforgettable journey to Iran

Iran Doostan Tours Co. arranged a FAM tour for FEPET an organization with 200 members of Spanish journalist. This tour includes 46 members of the Federation.

How much food do you need for your Event?

How much food do you need for your Event?

Catering industry, among a very competitive landscape is considered about $8 billion dollar revenue over a year. These days the demand for catering is getting higher every day and it is expected to increase in the next five years following the recession. According to Market Research website, the increasing focus on quality and taste will only heighten as the world economy strengthens and the middle class generates more disposable income. Catering companies must meet the expectations of a discerning customer base, and a growing senior demographic as well.

Catering in Gala Dinner of AMB 2018

 Catering in Gala Dinner of AMB 2018

recent market research report by Koncept Analytics pinpoints three key factors driving demand for contract catering:

  • Rising demand for customized food
  • Growing middle class
  • Increasing role of technology

Challenges and threats to growth include:

  • Food safety issues
  • Government regulations
  • Competition

Catering is a service that is most popularly seen during wedding exceptions, but is also common place for business meetings, Exhibition Gala dinners, incentive programs and trade shows. It is intended to service various types of venues giving you one less thing to plan for. This industry in considered to be in the mature life of its life cycle and it is expected to increase into a 1.8% growth in next years.

to find our more about Iran MICE catering services please visit our last Gala dinner event for AMB 2018 trade show.

Iran Doostan Tours Co. the official GSA of WTM London 2018

Iran Doostan Tours Co. is the official GSA of WTM London for past few years. In 2018, despite of many fluctuation in exchange rates and many problems in economic and political issues regarding sanctions in international environment, Iran Doostan Company was willing to take the responsibility and be the leader the of Iran pavilion in WTM London 2018 exhibition again.

 WTM London 2018

More than 5,000 tourism companies from 182 countries from the Middle East, Asia, America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa were taking part in this exhibition and according to WTM website it was “the leading global event for the travel industry, unlocking the ideas that will shape the world’s dreams and plans for travel over the next five years.”

Several travel agencies were attending the event in a particular pavilion to showcase Iran’s tourism potentials to the world audience and they all were very successful and happy to experience positive environment about Iran.

to find more pictures you can visit our Gallery.

Germany calls for developing economic ties with Iran

Tehran, April 29, IRNA – Germany is after developing economic relations with Iran, Ulrich von Zanthier, Financial Services Director of KPMG company said.

Zanthier made the remarks Sunday in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on the sidelines of Iran-Europe trade conference held in Tehran.

Three German banks are now working with Iran, he said.

Due to various capacities of Iran, Germany calls for developing ties and investment with Iran, he added.

Commenting on proficiency of Iran deal after US withdrawal, he said its proficiency depends on two factors first whether US walks away from the deal and second how walking away happens.

In response to a question whether contracts between Iran and European countries will be in place after US withdrawal, Zanthier said it depends on the articles of the agreements but if they cannot continue cooperation they have to leave Iran.

KPMG is a professional service company and one of the Big Four auditors, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.