Iran Doostan Tours Co. is the official GSA in COTTM for 9 years in a row. Now in 15th years, COTTM 2019 is the most important travel industry’s Business to Business events that located in the heart of the capital of China, Beijing.

Iran Doostan Travel Co. Official GSA

Beijing is the second largest city in China and one of the oldest city in the world with a long and rich history is the host of COTTM 2019. Beijing with this history behind can execute all events in modern ways. They show this brilliant talent in the Asian games 1990 and Olympic 2008. Also, in the travel and cultural view, Beijing is the home of 7 UNESCO world cultural heritage, including the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City, Peking Man Site and the Grand Canal. Beijing ethnicity is made up of all different ethnic groups. The most ethnic group in Beijing is Han and Mandarin Chinese is the language spoken in the city.

This year Iran Doostan Travel Co. Take the big step again and become the Leader of the Iran pavilion at the COTTM 2019 exhibition. Iran pavilion represents the Iranian companies includes Deltaban, Mahan, Shokouh Iranian Travel Agency, Kooleh Bar Safar Travel Co., Rastin Tours, Howin Travel Agency, Aito Travel, Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Arg Jadid, Persian Traveler, and Iran Doostan Travel Co.

Iran Doostan At COTTM

Iran pavilion stand at COTTM 2019

COTTM only B2B!

China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM) Focused on the burgeoning outbound market. It gives a great opportunity to display your products to the right audiences, the ones who are looking for new smart products in the outbound travel markets.

According to the COTTM site and the China Tourism Academy, the Outbound Market exceeded 131 million outbound trips in 2017 alone, which puts travel expenditure in excess of $258 billion. In 2017 and in the 14th years COTTM has 4,000 Chinese trade buyers from the Travel agency and Outbound operators.

According to the Statics, normally visitors want to business with Asian companies about 69% and the second place is European companies and the next place is for Africa and the Middle East. Iran Doostan Travel Co. after 9 years official GSA experience at COTTM has a lot of contributions in the travel industry in the Middle East.

In 2018 COTTM the show sees new destination and countries in the exhibit. Qatar (Gold sponsor), Sudan, Moldova, Albania, Poland, and Romania were the new countries who open their business doors to Chinese potential buyers. These contributions are the real reason that Chinese outbound tourism has increased year on year since 2006 by on average 13%. After all, we should notice that there are no other events that %100 business to business and focused %100 on outbound tourism.

Bohemia Travel from Bulgaria: “It was a great chance to discover new markets, meet new agents and customers. We learned a lot about the special requirements of the Chinese Market.”

Iran, great as it should be!

COTTM 2019 began on 15 April and ended on 17 April at New Hall, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing. 102 Sqm space considered for this only Business to Business big events. COTTM 2019 Supported by a wide range of company and agency like the National Tour Association (NTA), Tuniu, Jet tour, CCT, the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the European Tour Operators Association and etc.

In this big event, exhibitors must build up their stands at 13-14 April and get their badge and ID at New Hall, National Agricultural Exhibition Center. This exhibition center completed in 1959 and it’s personally approved by Zhou Enlai. It has 10 exhibitions hall and 7 showrooms for light-duty. All 10 exhibition halls designed in Chinese traditional architecture style.

Iran Doostan Travel Co. as an Official GSA of COTTM 2019 and the leader of the Iran Pavilion builds its own stand with Iranian Symbols and Architecture to show the beauty of Iran and the Iranian tradition to the potential buyers.


Date: 15-17 April

Visitor Hours: 15-16 April: 09:30 – 17:00 / 17 April: 09:30 – 16:00

Address: 16, Dongsanhuan north Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


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