event license in Iran

How is obtaining event license in Iran?

Holding and managing an event in Iran requires an event license. obtaining this license in Iran requires an administrative procedure to obtain a permit. Getting license varies depending on the type of conference and provincial, national, international level.
Without authorization, holding events, conferences and similar titles would not be possible, and all information centers such as conference information sites, newspapers and magazines would have to include the issued congress authorization number.

event license in Iran

event license is one of the most important steps in the event planning


Event organizing rules

All conference and seminar organizers should be commensurate with the national, international and provincial levels of the conference. they must obtain the necessary approval from the Conference Planning Organizations and the Planning & Development Council of the province.
Titles such as seminars, conventions, conferences, and festivals, are all subject to these bylaws and must be licensed. It should be noted that educational gatherings and training sessions as well as national religious occasions, do not require authorization.
The conference will organize under the overall supervision of the Vice President of Human Resources Development and Management. The conference organizing team consists of the following members working together to organize a conference in Iran:

• The representative of the Ministry of Interior
• The representative of the President’s Administration and Human Capital
• The representative of the Ministry of Science
• Ministry of Intelligence representative
• Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance

Conference authorization is required for events using national & international titles. Conferences that are held internationally and are also held by the state apparatus in Iran should be coordinated by the relevant state apparatus and commission. There are also filling in forms for the conference which are completed by the individual or entity.

Procedures for obtaining a national or international event license

event license in Iran

for obtaining a license, you must do something…

If you want to use national or international titles for your event, you need to follow these steps:
1- Refer to the below link and fill the required information:
2- Preparing a Letter of Appeal for Holding a Conference, a Picture of the Statute and Official newspaper or Activity License.
3- Send all the above-mentioned documents to the following email:

On international events, in addition to the above documents, you must also submit a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Partner Organization at the conference and Passport picture of guests. You can also use real mail instead of e-mail and send the documents to the address of the conference management organization. Note that this must be done at least two months before the conference or event date.

After a preliminary examination of the documents, you will be notified if there is a defect. Otherwise, the initial results go to the Conference Organizing Working Group. Next, the Working Group invites the conference’s secretary to attend a joint meeting. Finally, the result will be notified in writing to the applicant. If they agree with your plan, you are granted permission to hold your conference and can use the name you want unhindered.

Conditions of holding an event

The promotion organization of Iran indicated the rules that every company that organizes an event must have these qualifications:
• Ability to organize and run the exhibition or event
• Having more than 5 permanent staff
• Relative understanding of manufacturing / commercial status of the industry
•  an adequate understanding of the target market
• Ability to hold exhibitions according to the duties specified in the statute of the company
• To obtaining license exclusive exhibitions, the company must Have a History of holding at least three International or Exclusive Exhibitions.

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