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Iran Travel Insurance for Tourists

Ever thought about the dangers of foreign travel? Diseases caused by climate change, seasickness, foreign food poisoning, severe cold in the winter, etc. These are just a few threats to passenger health. Problems that may arise when your identity documents are lost, delayed flight, legal problems if you do not comply with the laws, and so on. These problems can be very worrying about foreign trips due to the traveler’s unfamiliarity with the environment and the language in Iran. Iran travel insurance can be a good solution to these threats.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Iran travel insurance protects you against possible travel accidents. Due to the exchange rate difference in our country and most foreign countries, the treatment costs vary from one to another. If the insurer wishes to pay for the accident in the event of an accident, but a simple cold may incur heavy costs. A bigger problem may be that the insurer does not have to pay for its treatment. Imagine your luggage containing the necessary travel supplies. Especially if it is difficult to continue without it. If you have travel insurance, you can cover the cost of losing your cargo insurance. Therefore, it is not too far-fetched to conclude that travel insurance offers many benefits to insurers and is vital for preparing for overseas trips.

Travel Insurance in Iran

travel insurance is necessary for travelers

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Costs related to cargo, travel documents, and flight delays: In these coverages, the insurance company pays for the loss of lost or stolen cargo and personal documents, as well as delayed travel of the vehicle.
Cost of Legal Issues: In cases where travel insurance includes legal coverage, the insurance company will provide a lot of legal support to the person. Legal problems can occur if you do not observe foreign citizenship laws or are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations there and may incur a lot of problems and conflicts for the passenger. In these cases, the insurance company pledges to support such as counseling and prosecution, as well as payment of attorney fees and court and defense costs. These costs are different in different companies and each company will pay for them on their own terms.
Accompanying fee: Also, in cases where there is a need for hospitalization of more than 10 days, the cost of commuting and staying of a patient’s first-degree relative is paid by the insurance company to accompany them.
Return costs: In the event of illness or an accident that requires more than 10 days to be hospitalized, the insurance company pays for the return of a patient’s companion.
Severe illnesses: In the event of relatively serious accidents or serious illnesses, the insurance company determines, on the basis of the injured person’s condition, and in consultation with a physician, whether to take the necessary measures to treat the person in the same country or to arrange for him to be transferred to his country. The insurance company is obligated to make the most appropriate decision in consultation with a specialist.
Drug Costs: In the event of missing passenger companion drugs (provided they are necessary to use), the insurance company is obligated to pay for the re-shipping of the required drugs to the insurer.
Dental costs: For dental costs, only the necessary medical expenses will be paid. Costs like treating severe infection, toothache, tooth extraction, etc.
Medical costs: All costs incurred as a result of various illnesses or injuries that require medical care and hospitalization and treatment will be covered by the insurance company. This covers all costs of hospitalization, examination, treatment, surgery, etc. up to the limit of the insurance premium.

Travel Insurance Duration

The insurance period begins on the date you leave the country and when you exit the stamp on the passport. Since the issuance of travel insurance, the insurer has a limited time to leave the country. This period is six months for some insurance companies and up to one year for others.
It is also important to know that all travel insurance covers travel for less than 92 consecutive days. That is, even if you buy one-year travel insurance, you must return to the country every 92 days since you will no longer be covered by the 93rd day.

Travel Insurance in Iran

travel insurance cover the threats of travel

Iran Travel Insurance

The idea of designing and supplying travel insurance has occurred since the beginning of 2007 for the wellbeing of incoming travelers to Iran. Necessary measures were taken by Central Insurance to compile and translate this insurance. Under this insurance, all foreign nationals and residents living abroad who intend to travel to Iran will be covered by the benefits of Iran travel insurance.
This insurance policy is issued only to foreign travelers to Iran and starts at the time of arrival in the Islamic Republic of Iran. There is no age limit on this policy and medical costs up to € 10,000 are covered during the insurance coverage, which includes surgical, medical and poisoning. The premium rate is also calculated based on the age and the age of the insured on the basis of the euro.

Choosing an Iranian Travel Insurance Agency

The best way to get Iran travel insurance is by buying it at the airport. As you can obtain Visa on Arrival in Iran, you can buy Iran travel insurance at the airport too.

But below I will introduce agencies and contractors you can trust. You can fill out their online application and send an insurance request to the company. They will email you with more details.

Agency #1:
Agency #2:

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