Event Report of commemorate IRAN DOOSTAN Tour Leaders

On July 20 2019, IRAN DOOSTAN Company held a ceremony in the main hall of Spinas Hotel in Tehran to commemorate the tour leaders. The event was coordinated and licensed by MICE. The team was also responsible for the staging and provision of the event. MICE group was in charge of welcoming and leading guests to their circular tables.

The presence of guests in the event

The event was held from 8 pm to 10 pm and 70 guests were invited to this ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the verses of the Quran were recited. Then Mr. Abbas Vaghefi presented a report on the achievements (success) of the IRAN DOOSTAN company. Afterward, Mr. Ali Vaghefi, CEO of IRAN DOOSTAN Group, gave a lecture on what to expect from the tour leaders.

senior managers of MICE & IRAN DOOSTAN
Collective photo of the guests with an appreciation

At the end of the ceremony, a tribute was given to the tour leaders and a commemorative photo was taken. The MICE team also organized a dinner party to end the event in the best possible way.



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