Iran Visa for Special Nationalities

Iran Visa for Special Nationalities

In an article called How to get a visa for Iran, we talked about the process which you can obtain your Iran Visa and mentioned that for most countries you can have a Visa on Arrival (VOA) and in other cases, you have to get your Iran visa before you travel to Iran. In this article we are going to talk about those other cases and if you need further information read the article mentioned above. By the way, to consider tourist’s concerns, the Iran government won’t stamp on foreigners’ passports so don’t worry about sanctions. Here’s how to get an Iran Visa for Special Nationalities.

Which Countries are Special?

Due to political reasons, these countries nationals cannot obtain a visa on arrival and need to go through a different process:

United States of America, England, Canada, India, Columbia, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

Iran Visa for Special Nationalities
Indian people can’t get Iran visa on arrival

In General, What Should I Do?

In general, Canadian, British and American (USA) people can only get a tourist visa if they travel with tours. In addition to that, they must have their tour leader with them the whole time and their tour leader has to be verified by Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Iran Immigrant and Passport Police.

Nationals of Canada, England and the United States of America need to have a complete and detailed traveling plan explaining the exact time of arrival and exit, where they’re staying, landmarks and places they want to visit and selected routes for traveling.

These 3 countries added to those mentioned above have to visit Iran Embassy in their countries in order to get a visa. They can also contact a travel agency that can get their visa process started. Consider that there are just a few agencies that can obtain your visa for you. So, do your research first and be sure of your decision.

Is it Safe for Special Nationalities?

Iran is Absolutely safe. From cities and villages to deserts and jungles, north to south, west to east, I can confirm that you are in no danger by people nor the government and if you follow the laws of visa there will be no problem.


This depends on what nationality you are but there are two different prices you have to pay.

  • Iran Visa Services Cost (commonly received by your travel agency)
  • Cost of sticker or stamp on the visa

To make sure of how much the cost is, contact your travel agency.

Time Validation for Iran Visa:

In a special nationality situation, Iran Visa is valid for two weeks (14 days) and you can stay in Iran for 14 days. But if you want to extend your stay you need to submit an extension request to Iran Immigrant and Passport Police at the city you’re staying. Their offices are found on Google Maps or you can ask your travel agency for help.


How Long till My Visa is Issued?

Embassy says that it takes 2 to 3 months before your flight to issue a visa for special nationalities. The reason that it takes too long is that every document needs to be checked precisely before publishing your visa. So, collect your documents carefully and be patient. It’s worth the wait.


Required Documents:

These documents are official so read them carefully and collect the exact documents. This the most important part.

  • Passport: A passport with a 6-month validity. You need to make a colored, digital and hard copy of all your passport pages.
  • Photo: Official and colored photo to be attached to your visa. Something like your passport photo. Your face must not be covered in a long beard, no hat and no covering your face with a mask.
  • CV: For security reasons, you need to write a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Short CVs are not acceptable.
  • Travel Plan: You need a fully detailed drafted travel plan with the exact arrival and exit time, locations and specifications of where you’re staying, landmarks and places you want to visit and selected routes for traveling. Make sure to leave no details behind.
  • Hotel Reservation Voucher: As a form of a ‘receipt’ the traveler can then claim the service he paid for the reserved hotel.
  • Tour Leader ID Card: Some tour leaders are verified by Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iranian Police and some other officials. Iran Government only accepts those leaders to guide your travel and they must be with you the whole time. Their ID card and letter of recommendation (published by travel agencies) must be submitted when applying for a visa.
  • Translated CV and Travel Plan: You need a translation of your CV and Travel Plan into both English and Persian. Travel agencies will do the translations for you.
  • Personal Information Form: This form is downloadable via the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. Also travel agencies can get you this form for you to fill out. The second way is recommended. You will write about personal and basic information of yourself in this form.
Iran Visa for Special Nationalities
Iran visa for foreign people

Your Passport Won’t be Stamped in Iran:

In 2015, US Visa Waiver Program (WPM), has issued a new limitation imposed on the citizen of some countries (mostly European countries) who have previously traveled to Iran that those travelers can’t visit the US anymore or they must go through a clarification in order to go back to the US.

To counter this sanction, in 2018, Iran updated its visa policy and started a new stamp-free policy to encourage more foreign visitors to enter Iran. In this new policy, Iran tourists will no longer have an Iranian visa attached to their passport or an arrival or exit stamp on their passport.

So, because there will be no arrival and departure stamp on your passport. you just need to deliver the visa to the officer at the immigration section of the airport at your departure time from Iran.

Therefore, you can come to Iran, visit any place you want and if you are worried about sanctions, your passport will not be stamped. Enjoy your stay and don’t worry!

Contact Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Phone: 61151

Public Relations: 66739191

FAX: 61154275

Zip Code: 1136914811


Address: Iran, Tehran, Imam Khomeini Street, Imam Khomeini Square

Office Hours: Saturday to Wednesday (8 till 15)

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