Transportation in Tehran

Transportation in Tehran

Traveling around the metropolis of Tehran is relatively difficult due to the size of the city, the constant traffic, and population. One mistake in route planning can result in a great loss of time. High number of highways, bus routes, taxi, and subway routes and online taxis, all of them are your options for transportation in Tehran. If you have a well-planned trip to Tehran beforehand and know which vehicle you can better reach your destination with, you will save a lot of time and energy.

Tehran subway

Tehran Subway (Tehran Metro)

Tehran has a powerful and complete subway route. You can get anywhere on the subway. From north to south, east to west. Lots of Tehran locals use subway to head to work or places they want to get to. Some stations in-office hours are really busy. Tehran subway is maybe your first choice for transportation if you are an environmentalist. Here is the Tehran metro map:


Tehran Complete Subway Map


Also, there is a mobile application that includes stations and whether or not they include markets or toilets.
Download Tehran metro app for Android
Download Tehran metro app for IOS


BRT Buses are special buses with special routes throughout cities in Iran, including Tehran.

Tehran Buses (BRT Buses)


Tehran has currently 10 BRT lines.
Line 1: Azadi Terminal to Tehranpars crossroad
Line 2: Azadi Terminal to Khavaran Terminal
Line 3: Science & Tech Terminal to Khavaran Terminal
Line 4: Tehran South Terminal to Chamran Highway-Parkway Intersection (Afshar Terminal)
Line 5: Science & Tech University Terminal to Argentina Sq. (Beihaghi Terminal)
Line 6: Chamran Highway-Parkway Intersection (Afshar Terminal) to Sohanak (Laleh Terminal)
Line 7: Railway station is located in the southern part of Tehran to Tajrish that is located in the northern part of Tehran. (Valiasr Ave.)
Line 8: Tehran South Terminal to Khavaran Terminal
Line 9: Sohanak (Laleh Terminal) to Javanmard Ghassab Metro Station
Line 10: Azadi Sq. to Daneshgah Azad sq. in Hesarak
These stations are usually recognizable as they have stations in the middle of streets with a line separating bus route from streets. As you saw in the above picture.

Tehran BRT buses app for Android

Motorcycle Taxis

Tehran has a surprise for visitors. Motorcycle taxis! On every street corner, there is a motorcycle driver shouting “taxi”. If you want adrenalin filled, traffic-free ride. Hop on one of the motorcycles. It’s a great way to get around town if you are in a hurry. Cost depends on your driver but they may cost as much as taxis but it doesn’t take as much time. They usually don’t have a spare helmet for you to wear but if you ask them they willingly give theirs to you.
Besides traditional motorcycle taxis which are found in Tehran streets, AloPeyk is an Iranian startup specializing in motorized transportation for cargos and people. Snapp! is another startup that has a motorcycle taxi, we will get to that one later.

Download AloPeyk app for Android

Download AloPeyk app for IOS

Traditional Taxis

Traditional taxis which are found in every street corner in Tehran, are not private unless you tell them to be. They are public services filled with at least 3 passengers to travel to destination. Private taxis are discussed later. If waving for a taxi in Tehran, yellow or green cars are typically official public taxis. Unless you’re familiar with the going taxi rates, agree to a price before getting in the vehicle. You can also book a taxi service at the Airport or simply ask your hotel reception for one.

Private Taxis

Snapp!, Carpino and TAP30 are three Iranian startups for private and modern taxis. I am certain that you heard of UBER or at least used it. It is exactly like that only Persian. Alongside Private Taxi, Snapp also has Snapp Motorcycle, Snapp Market (you can order groceries from the nearest supermarket), Snapp Food (it is like UberEats) and Snapp Trip (for booking hotels). Nowadays lots of Tehran locals use these three Tehran taxi services because they are comfortable and fast.

Download Snapp! for Android

Download Snapp! for IOS

Download TAP30 for Android

Download TAP30 for IOS

Download Carpino for Android

Carpino Web Application

As you have read, there is a number of choices for transportation in Tehran. So, it totally depends on your destination and your time limit. It is recommended that you consult with your tour guide or locals to know whether to take the bus, subway, taxis or simply just walk to your destination! Good luck and enjoy Tehran.

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