traveling to Iran

Is Iran among the safest countries to travel?

One of the most important questions for tourists interested in traveling to the Eastern countries, especially traveling to Iran, is the security of these countries.

Iran is a specific country with a wide range of natural features and cultures. Therefore, due to its tourism potential, traveling to Iran is considered a great destination for foreign tourists. In addition, due to the fact that Iranian money is worthwhile for most people in the world, travel to this country is Affordable. But about the visit to Iran, this question has always busted the minds of tourists that whether this country is safe enough or not?

traveling to Iran

Azadi Tower in Tehran

Negative media propaganda

Due to global political issues and negative media propaganda against Iran, there are many negative opinions about Iranian all over the world. many tourists consider that all these arguments are true and they forgot that the existence of this issue between governments and not people. thus, they refuse to travel to Iran. because of negative propaganda and unaware of the Iranian beliefs and morals, Many tourists do not have a correct idea of Iran and Islam.

Tourists Experience of Traveling to Iran

according to Persia digest, One traveler who recently traveled to Iran on his experience of the trip says: “I traveled to Iran with my wife for two weeks and can honestly say that this country is one of the safest places we have ever traveled. The only problem in Tehran is traffic that’s crazy! The Iranians are the most welcoming people we have ever seen, and due to lack of time, we could not answer all their invitations. “

Another traveler about his experience traveling to Iran says: “I traveled to Iran for the first time in 2012. While other tourists advised me that Iran was really safe and people were excellent in all respects, the media outlined Iran as the most dangerous region in the world, but on my trip to Iran, I found all the negative propaganda against this country is wrong and on a trip to Iran We must forget them. ”
So you can also experience reality by traveling to Iran. Do not listen to what the main American media say about Iran and travel to Iran, and enjoy visiting the culture and several thousand years of civilization along with the hospitable people. But if these topics still can not convince you to travel to Iran, come along us.

Iran is one of the safest countries according to research articles

According to the Independent, the results of a new study show that Iran is safe in terms of safe European countries, and is among the safest countries in the world to travel alongside Britain, Slovenia, Denmark, and Switzerland. The two risk assessment institutes called “International SOS” and “Risk Control,” in collaboration with each other, have been developing plans called “Road Risks Roadmap in 2019”, which will give external travelers level of risk in any country or territory.

traveling to Iran

Road Risks Roadmap

Political violence (including terrorism, civil protests, insurgency, and war), social unrest (including ethnic and sectarian violence) and violent crimes are among the dangers that have been addressed in this study. The strength of the public transport infrastructure, the state of industrial relations, the efficiency of security services and emergency services and the degree of vulnerability to natural disasters have also been other factors that considered by the International SOS and Risk Control agencies to assess the level of security of countries that people travel to them.
The map prepared by the two institutions classifies travel hazards in different countries of the world at five levels: intangible, low, moderate, high and excessive. Very few countries have been able to stay on the “intangible” category for safety reasons. Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, and Iceland are the only countries that come from the continent of Europe and stand in this category. most European countries, including the United Kingdom, are on the list of “low-risk countries.” Interestingly, Iran, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan also coincide with European countries and stand in this category (low-risk countries). Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand are also in the same category.
According to this map, countries with high or extreme risk are almost entirely from Africa and the Middle East. Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali, South Sudan, and Somalia are among the countries that are in the fifth category, which means “excessive risk”.

Therefore, from the point of research documents, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world to travel and you can safely enter this country and bring memories of joy for yourself.

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