Iran visa for US citizens

Iran visa for US citizens

Citizens of more than 100 countries need to obtain an Iran visa to enter Iran for activities such as tourist travel and business. Among these countries, the citizens of the three countries of England, Canada and the United States have different conditions than other countries. Especially obtaining Iran visa for US citizens is a bit complicated.

what happened in 2017?

Nearly two years ago, Donald Trump ordered a visa freeze for seven countries. Iran is one of the seven countries, A country that does not have a good political relationship with the United States. Therefore, Iranian citizens were not allowed to enter us. In retaliation, Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ceased issuing visas for the US (as well as Canadian and UK) travelers for a short period of around two months. But in the past few months, conditions have changed slightly and visas are issued for American citizens.

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Things US citizens must know before applying for Iran visa

Citizens of these three countries can obtain an Iran tourist visa if they enter Iran on a tour. In the meantime, Getting an Iran visa for American citizens is a bit different. they must travel to Iran in the form of a tour, along with one of the leaders approved by the Iranian foreign ministry, Department of Cultural Heritage and Police Immigration and Aliens. the leader must accompany US citizens throughout the journey.
citizens of the united states must have a complete itinerary so that all the details of their journey, such as the exact time of arrival and departure, the place of residence and attractions to be visited, and in some cases the routes to be traveled, should be mentioned.

Today, getting an Iran visa for US citizens is partly simple but have a time-consuming process. Its better before applying for a visa, be aware of a few things:
• Americans citizens not eligible for a visa on arrival.
• Due to government regulations, the Iran visa process is long. So the process may take 60 to 90 days
• Supporting documents must also be provided when applying for an Iran visa.

Iran visa for US citizens will issue after a two-step process:
1- Obtaining a travel license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2- Real tourist visa that will issue by the Iranian Consulate

As a US citizen, The tourist company you choose will do the Office work for your visa. All you need to do is fill out the application form and submit it to the same Iranian consulate you have chosen to apply for a visa. Then you have to wait until they summon you. The tricky part of this process is obtaining a license number, which usually takes 60 to 90 business days for US citizens. Once you get this number, getting a visa from the Iranian Consulate is almost certain within 2 to 3 days.
Although Iran does not have an official embassy in Washington DC but has an “Interests Section” at the Pakistan embassy that handles the Iranian visa application. If you do not live in the DC area, you will need to send your passport, application form and passport photo with a prepaid return package, by post.
Also, you can obtain your visa from the Iranian Consulate abroad. Just specify the consulate location when requesting a license number. For example, some tourists get their visas from the Iranian Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Documents and forms required for getting an Iran tourist visa (for US citizens):

• Scan from personal photo
• Scan from the first page of the passport
• Scan from the national card of Iranian host
• Invitation Form
• Resume (Including Academic Records, Careers, and Interests)
• Specified itinerary such as exact time of arrival and departure, place of residence, attractions to be visited and routes to be traveled.
• Payment of 10% of the tour fee (the remainder after receiving the visa)

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